Geographic or demographic border to provide medical care. Using modern technology, the company provides unsurpassed quality of their work. During the examination of each patient Bausey Medical Solutions asks to contribute to further improve their experience of interaction with patients.

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Nathaniel Dorsey wanted to get rid of the inconvenience of clinic visits. His idea was to provide the possibility of obtaining a qualified doctor's advice, perhaps not even leaving home.


At the moment, it was developed the CRM system for patient records and scheduling of visits to the doctors clinic. The same functionality was implemented by video conferencing between patients and doctors clinic.
The best technology for this development was the WebRTC.
Perhaps in the future such functionality will be publicly available and all the people of New Orleans will be able to consult a qualified doctor without leaving home.


WebRTC, PHP (Codeigniter), Bootstrap, MySQL

Adaptive design

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UX/UI research
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