10 Years in the Market: Attract Group Celebrates a Milestone Birthday

Attract Group Background

Hello everyone. Attract Group has turned 10. We have gone a long way from a small startup to an established company with a clear mission and vision.

Before we go any further, let’s jump back to 2011, Attract Group was created in Donetsk, Ukraine. The company consisted of only 5 people and occupied only 23m2 of office space!

In 2013, the company grew and had already changed 2 offices with the second one being already 130m2 because it was growing even more (*4) and arranging more comfortable conditions for the employees. This is the time we had our first HR department.

But here’s something really interesting that happens later. We experienced an unusual turn and moved to the sunny city of Odesa, right at the Black sea. By 2015, our office had already been 200 m2 with a team of 30 employees and 100 successfully completed projects.

At that time we were working on our reputation and still searching for clients at Upwork.

But things have changed! And now our reputation is working for us. Our clients find us now and we appreciate each and every one!

Fast-forwarding to 2020-2021, due to COVID 19, most of our employees moved to a remote mode because we care for our staff and want to make sure we are providing safe working conditions for them. Our custom-made Jira-like CRM system made this transition smooth and painless because its time-tracking, scheduling, and HR features allowed us to arrange and monitor our staff efficiently without compromising on the quality.

We also arrange different online team-building events like quizzes for our staff to build trust in the team and build relationships outside work. We strongly believe it takes a team to achieve success and we have been successful in this so far!

Mission and Goal

This past year was crucial for Attract Group. Besides team growth, we also grew in understanding of who our customers are. We clearly defined our mission and goal based on the value we want to bring into this ever-changing business world.

“Our mission is to accelerate global business digitalization and help new businesses emerge faster”

“Our goal is to transform outdated world businesses into digital and help them adapt to the new world and optimize their inefficient processes”.

Attract Group Technological Upgrade

Technologies are advancing and different trends are arising every year. We are doing our best to keep up with them. Last year we adopted a few new technologies like React for Front-end.

Moreover, we used to develop only native mobile apps. Now we have adopted the currently trending and highly scalable framework Flutter for mobile cross-platform development of even high-load projects. You can check out a showcase in the healthcare industry – Sleeptrack.

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Attract Group Achievements in 2020-2021

The 10th year of our operation has been rich in different nominations, press coverage and high ratings. We were able to get this far thanks to our clients for whom are becoming our long-term partners.






5Top Software Companies

6Top App Development Companies

7Visual Objects

8App Development Companies



11Ukrinsoft: Challenging Solutions

  1. Top Software Developers In Eastern Europe Of 2020

12The Mobile App Development Company

13Top Developers

14The WebApp Market

15Web App Development Companies

16Top Web Development Companies

17HTF Market Intelligence

18The Bisouv Network


Press Releases 

1 Press Release Power



Final Thoughts

We have reached this new milestone and will not stop developing. Years of helping startups and established businesses have taught us to go ahead despite the challenges we face.

Looking forward to solving your business needs or helping you start your new business. Contact us to get advice and a free quote.

Have an idea to create your own business?
Drop us a line and let’s discuss your idea.

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