11 Benefits from Ukraine as an Outsource IT Service Provider in 2018

Why People Outsource Software Development

Outsourcing has become a global buzzword. With the technology currently booming, acquiring talents has turned into priority №1 for leading companies to maintain leadership positions and remain a step ahead. The international market dictates its rules. You have to focus on major priorities without disseminating attention on secondary tasks.

Therefore, business owners decide in favor of assigning projects or certain tasks to service companies from Eastern European countries. Working with external experts in a specific niche can save you a lot of time and research as they know what pitfalls to avoid.

On the other hand, some people get cautious about getting such services from other countries. They believe that different time zones are a problem when it comes to managing projects overseas. Actually, this is even an advantage. While you’re still sleeping, a whole team of experts is working at full speed so that they could deliver the outcome on time. This serves as a great time-saver!

11 Benefits from Outsourcing to Ukraine

If you have never considered choosing its service enterprises as your offshoring partners,  more and more international businesses have recently been giving it preference over other European. If you still have any doubts, consider the following key factors to make the final decision:

1 Top Offshoring Provider of IT services

International corporations with huge revenues such as Oracle, Lenovo, Deloitte, Dell, Skype, Sony, and eBay (many more) trust Ukraine as their outsourcing destination while over 100 well-known ones have placed their R&D centers in here. This is with good reason. Software development sphere is really booming here.

Following PwC (a company providing international consulting/audit), This sector has had a dramatic increase by $5 bln since 2016. Now export volume of development services constitutes around $3.6 bln based on IT Ukraine Association. That accounts for 3.4% of UA GDP. The industry has even been forecast to surpass $8 bln by 2025.

2 230,000 Technology Workers – 100,000 Developers

These impressive number let them outrun many competitors. Having over 1,000 companies alongside 2000+ startups, this land has grown into quite an attractive pool of potentially outsourced services. Both freelancers and dedicated teams are working at their mastery to stay marketable and keep up with cutting-edge technological headway.

3 Over 30,000 Graduates With Technical Major Annually

These students get degrees in technology/engineering at more than 400 higher education establishments. They are highly appreciated and welcome everywhere. Being driven & passionate, they’re set for embarking into programming at once.

4 Reasonable Pricing – High Quality

People legitimately consider that there is no such thing as a free lunch. It is their expertise that should make those workers attractive not a low price standalone. Superb quality cannot cost a dime a dozen. Ukraine offers the best price/quality ratio. Companies here have moderate rates for different projects (for instance, crm isp and crm for logistics company), which gives outsourcing companies a great competitive edge. The final result is worth every penny spent!

5 Startups & Teams Are Highly Valued

This place can boast of some top-notch startups like Looksery (a real-time video/image editing tool) that Snapchat acquired for $150.000 and Augmented Pixels (an instrument for making effects in VR/augmented reality); Viewdle (a face recognition system) bought by Google for about $40 mln and Maximizer (a cloud-based software provider) purchased by Oracle at about the same price. Without mentioning Grammarly that is one of the most dynamically developing startups in the Silicon Valley now.

That reminds me that Amazon has recently bought Ring labs (with R&D in Ukraine) at $1 bln. Listen to what Ring Labs CTO said about their decision of setting their R&D here, “There cannot be many developers at any place. But here their number is quite larger whereas the qualification level is sometimes even higher than in San-Francisco”.

6 16 Vibrant IT Clusters

IT Ukraine Association states that its information technology ecosystem consists of 16 cities. Among them, Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Odessa being the major ones by the number of professionals.

7 IT Workers Boast of High English Proficiency

Clear communication is vital to ensure smooth offshoring experience. PMs in their vast majority speak Upper-Intermediate English, which is more than enough to facilitate efficient cooperation while programmers’ knowledge is around Higher-Intermediate. This fact allows attending/speaking at international information technology events and competing successfully in global arena.

(As per dou.ua)

8 Relevant Mentality

Local specialists work really hard and efficiently. When facing a challenging task, they come up with a solution at any cost. Moreover, service teams get very engaged in the development process. Over 80% of them claim to be into technology while half of them do that just for fun.

Developers here need you to share any background information you have to help them immerse into your project completely to suggest the most optimal solution.

9 Working Ethics

Professionals are prudent so they do not put up with big bug lists. With a zero-tolerance approach accompanied by critical thinking, they always speak out what they think is the best course of action. However, they do not criticize customers for suggesting something allegedly wrong; they reason in a very polite manner instead.

Actually, their ethics resembles the one of European and other Western regions. So, they are pretty easy to deal with.

10 Curious & Flexible Minds

Majority of young specialists are passionate about technology/engineering. They hold/attend grand technological events where startups & founders of big firms share their insight about the latest technological advancements/trends. Outsource-People, GDG DevFest Ukraine, IT Arena, Dev Challenge, IForum are among local landmark events.  So, they make sure to keep pace with the world’s trends.

11 UA Brand Was Recognized Around the World in 2017

  • Awarded Offshore Destination of the Year

It became a winner in the following nomination in GSA UK Awards from 58 nominees in October 2017.

  • Registered in Global Outsourcing 100

18 local software firms as well as 6 ones represented there have been enlisted among top 100 of GO Rating. This year 6 new ones were added.

  • Included in Software 500 Magazine

Some vendors with offices based in here have been included in the magazine’s rating, even assigned top 10 ranking.

  • Called Innovation Outperformer in According to GII Report 2017

This title requires countries to be enlisted in 4 GII pillars and exceed the income group average in more than 3 Global Innovation Index pillars for longer than 2 years running.

Moreover, it got into top 50 most innovative states around the globe having jumped from 56th to 50th position. It still has a long way ahead but seems to keep on track though.

  • Ranked 24 in A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index

Since 2016, its position has improved by almost 20 points. Financial attractiveness, professional skills, availability including a business terrain are core aspects considered by analysts.

Finally, it would be fair to say that Ukraine possesses all it takes to become number 1 offshoring target for well-developed countries: expertise, passion, creativity coupled with marketable prices. What else can a customer want?

Have you ever hired experts from abroad? If you are seeking a motivated team to help your business thrive, we are ready to implement your ideas.

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