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Attract Group at DevFest Ukriane

DevFest Ukraine, the largest Google conference in Eastern Europe, took place in September 2016 in Lviv, bringing attendees and speakers from several countries.

The conference topics: focused on Android, Web and Cloud.

When I heard of this conference, I immediately wanted to attend, as I found these topics very interesting. I went to the conference with one of my colleagues – an Android developer.

Arriving in Lviv, we went to our hotel to drop off our luggage, then went to the Pivdennyi Expo Center, where the conference was being held.

The conference lasted for 2 days, and the number of attendees was huge – there were more than 600 developers from Ukraine alone.

We were surprised at the scale of the event. As a matter of fact, this was the first time I had ever attended such a large conference.

At the entrance we received a variety of brochures, including the program which provided a list of the speakers and the talks they were to deliver.

There were three rooms for use by the speakers, and a huge common room where the event sponsors had arranged all sorts of entertaining and interesting opening events, complete with prizes.

Each of the seminars discussed different technologies at the same time (Android-Web-Cloud), so my colleague and I were able to attend them all together.

There are some of lectures we attended:

  • Knock knock! Who’s there? Yonatan Levin (Tel Aviv, Israel).
  • Accessibility on Android. Resul Caner Yildirim (Istanbul, Turkey).
  • Kotlin + Android. Dmytro Danylyk (Lviv, Ukraine).
  • Deal with it: Android DataBinding explained. Roman Herasymenko (Dnipro, Ukraine).
  • The ultimate guide to MVP pattern on Android. Mateusz Herych (Krakow, Poland).
    This is by no means the complete list. For more details of the seminars that were offered, follow this link

The seminars lived up to their titles – each one was very interesting and useful for us.

Each of the speakers was very polished and gave excellent information, complete with explanations.

We were introduced to new technology (which we have already managed to implement in some of our projects upon our return to the office)!

Of course, there were coffee breaks and a break for lunch and dinner. At the end of the first day the organizers had arranged a party for everyone.
Now, briefly about what I liked – I liked everything!

These conferences give so much information and so much possibility for networking at the same tme.

Be sure to try to get to DevFest Ukraine next year!

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