Dribbble Odessa 2016

Attract Group at Dribbble Odessa

The best large-scale design event in Ukraine. Attended by hundreds of designers from across the country, the best speakers, interesting discussions, an exchange of experience and knowledge – it was at the annual design conference “Odessa Dribbble Meetup”.

Every year the Odessa Bribbble Meetup event is becoming so much bigger, and it is attracting a growing number of IT specialists.
The program of this Meetup was promising: 10 speakers from successful companies, who were pre-selected by a vote.

To summarize the themes of each report would be very long, so I’ll write about those we liked the most and about my impressions.
Here are my top 5:

#5 Eugene Ron

If you are an aspiring designer without portfolio or designer who got stuck in a pile of boring similar projects – then “12-month Dribbbl Challenge” is for you. Eugene spoke about their experiences and about pain and about loss of inspiration and about the desire to surrender, but the most important thing he told us about the profit which certainly pushed many listeners to attempt to repeat the feat of Eugene Ron : )

#4 Nadia Abrosimova

Nadia really loves Framer and infected the whole audience with her enthusiasm for this program. By the end of the lecture I wanted to code, and you know that would take a really impressive level of persuasion : )

In fact, there are a lot of prototyping tools that are easier to use, but Famer allows you to get away from the drudgery with ready-made tools and be closer to the developers at least spiritually – this was her message and I really liked that.

# 3 Dmitry Novikov

Designer, which I have included in this list in the name of design. Dmitry showed the products which he created, and solutions that combine design and technology which are very functional and cool. He once again reminded us of the principles of design and inspired on creation of simple and intuitive interfaces.

# 2 Valentin Boev

The theme was not so much for the full time working designer (me) : ), it was targeted to Sales managers and Project managers or freelancers who work in both those areas. But Valentin made this theme so accessible and fun, so I put him in second place (no regrets).

In addition, we have adopted a couple of his tips for our briefs, so expect some improvements in Attract Group!

#1 Elena Mikheeva

I think I’m not only one in my opinion, Elena – was the coolest speaker of the conference. She’s looked so harmoniously so you may think like she was born on stage. When she asked to send the light on her and began to speak in my head flashed the thought: “Gosh, she’s like Steve Jobs” : ) Actually not only the charisma she conquered the audience, but also with super interesting topic “evaluation in the design and how to do them.” Elena with knowledge of the matter classified how to properly do project evaluation and why it is so important.

She inspired me 100% and I am sure that new knowledge in this area will make my work more organized and better quality. For the sake of these type of lectures you must go to dribbbl meetups.

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