IT Sales and Marketing Summit

Attract Group at IT Sales and Marketing Summit

Just what happens at a summit? As a rule, it’s a meeting of the heads of different associations.

In the field of IT – it’s a collection of some of the leading specialists in each of the various disciplines who get together to discuss pressing issues of interest to everyone in the field.

In June 2016 a Sales and Marketing Summit was held at the “Svityaz” Lake (one of the Shatsk’s lakes in the Volynsk region, it is the deepest lake in Ukraine), which brought together many of the sales and marketing staff representatives as well as the founders of the IT companies in Ukraine.

Topics covered included: “Cold-contacting” potential clients by mail”, “Identifying Customer expectations”, “How to keep clients,” “Working with the USA Market – advantages and features,” “Difficult negotiations management,” “Working with social networks,” “Specific subjects service promotion,” “Inbound and Outbound Sales tactics,” “Work with content” and more.

The summit format consisted of workshops and discussions. We were able to share a lot of useful information and experience with our fellow companies, and vice versa.

And we, as usual, we grew and set new goals.

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