ITEM Conference 2016

Attract Group at ITEM Conference

People who work and play in the world of IT love the challenges it presents every single day. The “technology” part of Information Technology changes practically on a daily basis, so keeping up to speed on the latest trends and newest technologies is a must.

Why should you apply to join the Attract Group team? Because it’s the ideal opportunity for you to challenge yourself, to share your expertise with others and learn from the expertise of your colleagues, to grow in different directions and to always improve – improve – improve.

Just the kind of experience for us provide conferences. In June 2016, we attended ITEM, an IT conference held at the Menorah Cultural Center in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Over 500 people attended the conference to learn from 30 speakers who covered all aspects of IT. The main objective of the event was networking – to communicate and share the latest advances in our industry and motivate everyone to reach further and higher to achieve their goals. Since the organizers couldn’t leave the participants without entertainment and prizes – there were competitions!


  • Win cards for scrum meetings from the company SRUMguides Our SCRUM master introduced us to new methods, so performing technical estimations of difficult tasks has just been made a lot easier.
  • Magnets for our fridge. They may not improve our corporate culture all that much, but our cleaning lady can have fun with them. One of the company presented a new generation of virtual reality. It turns out, we can also fall over Edge of Tomorrow.
  • Took part in the travel card drawing – a lottery with the seals of all partners of the event, but probably didn’t win anything.

And of course, we attended each lecture and workshop, took notes, and learned a lot of information that we’ll be able to put to use in our future projects.

We very enjoyed workshop Evgrashin Timothy, who shared games, ice-breakers and a variety of practical methods that he uses and develops at his company. Naturally, Jenya Rozinsky was a big hit, sharing his experiences in dealing with customers as well as his knowledge of business management. Rozinsky has over 20 years’ experience in the field of business communication and we will be able to implement his advice in Attract Group.

We found new partnership in speech-bar, where some of the partners and participants presented their services and working principles. Also, we had a great time at the after party. There was music, conversation, and we had more opportunities here to network and share experiences of the project and people management.

We came home from this conference with renewed energy, drive and motivation.

“Stop starting, start finishing.”

That little piece of advice resonated with us all. It brought home to us that our success depends on us.

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