Kyiv project management day 2016

Attract Group team at Kyiv project management day

On September 24, Kyiv Project Management Day was held at a cozy concert hall called Oasis.

The conference had three streams: “PM-practice,” “PM-models” and “Flexible methodologies.” There were 30 presentations given. Because I had time enough to attend only about a third of the presentations, I chose those that would have the most application for me in my work.

Each of the presentations I attended was jam-packed full of information, and I learned many concepts and techniques that I will be able to apply in my work.

One of the presentations, delivered by Volodymyr Zhelezniak and Dmytro Snisar, was “I will not deliver bad code, so give me more time!” The speakers discussed the theme of perfectionism among developers. The desire to bring the code of a project up to the “ideal” is in some cases impractical, and only results in delaying the finished project.

Zhelezniak and Snisar explained everything from the psychological side (which drives the developer-perfectionist) to the part of management who need to make sure the project is finished in a timely manner. This was an important subject for me, as we have in our team a lot of designers who are always seeking to improve upon the code they’ve written, and then improve it again – never satisfied even though the code serves its purpose!

Another seminar was on “When Under stress: Agile” and was delivered by Konstantin Marchuk and Igor Fedorov. They shared a real-life example and told of their struggles dealing with the issues encountered in working with a large team.

Again, this theme resonated with me, as we deal with some of the same issues on our team! They gave plenty of advice on how to deal with all the issues and problems that can come up, and shared how they implemented these solutions within their team.

I shared these insights with the managers of our company, and we plan to introduce something like this in the near future.

All in all, this was a very interesting and practical conference, and even the cold weather in Kiev did not spoil my impressions of the friendly atmosphere within the conference, and the discussions I held with my peers during our coffee breaks.

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