Our teambuilding — 2016

Sometimes it can be difficult for members of a team to maintain strong relationships with each other, when each team member has to handle tremendous amounts of work every day.

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Sometimes it can be difficult for members of a team to maintain strong relationships with each other, when each team member has to handle tremendous amounts of work every day.

To help our team members develop bonds with each other which will be strong even during the most difficult and pressure-packed work days, we get together and take our holidays together.

We recently had a wonderful experience in Zatoka, a beach resort in Odessa in southern Ukraine.


During the 2 days we spent in Zatoka, we stayed in one of the many tiny wooden guest houses. To us, it appeared as if everything there was made either of wood, or of sand.

This was quite a contrast for our team members, as we all inhabit the “concrete jungle” of Odessa and here our environment to one of fresh air and clean wind. The weather was nice to us both these days, so we were able to participate in plenty of interesting activities.


We went to this resort for team-building purposes, and I’m glad to say it was a success.
We participated in so many games that made a tremendous effect on our in-team relations, “upgraded” our artistic skills and got us away from the daily grey routine. Sure, we love our jobs and want to dedicate our lives to it, but sometimes, in order to work harder, you have to have a change of pace for a while!


Now I’m going to share some of the things we did at this beautiful beach resort.

The first thing we did after we arrived, and the most interesting to us, was to attend the Holi festival, which we had started on our own.
There are little things you need to do to make such a festival. Two teams competed, using a ton of paints of different colours, and we had endless fun. You can see our colourful workers in the two photos below.

In addition to the Holi festival, we participated in several “smaller” games that indeed had a positive effect on our psyches, and helped us develop some new ideas for team-strengthening implementation when we return to work!

For example, there was a challenge, where our colleagues were creating the funny little people from the plastic tubes made us switch our creativity on to the maximum level.

The painting contest “The fortress of my dreams” showed us that surprisingly we have some talented designers in different departments.
However, this contest one wasn`t so easy, after the painting was finished, the contestants needed to recreate their fortresses with the help of sand as the building material.

The last, but not least of our team-building exercises was the game where two people stood one against another with a curtain hanging between them. This curtain was suddenly lifted, so that the two people could look at each other. The person, who named the one opposite him first, was the winner of a competition! This way, the rookies of our team were supposed to memorize the names their new friends faster.


At the end of each day, we were so exhausted, happy and hungry that, when we were told that the barbeque was coming to restore our powers, we were almost jumping over the moon.

After a tiring day the delicious food was a relief to us all. And there were kilograms of tasty fruit salad and cocktails. We went home with some wonderful memories that will last till the end of our lives.


Relaxed and full of energy at the same time, we were heading to our homes, families and, surely, our beloved work. We are looking forward to going there once more, because our entire team is still shining with joy, although this trip occurred in the beginning of summer.

So, lovely Zatoka, wait for us and we will come back to you!

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