Selenium Camp 2017

Attract Group at Selenium Camp 2017

This year the annual Kiev conference for Automation Engineers “Selenium Camp” has significantly evolved. The event had been moved to the modern and spacious exhibition complex “The Park.” In addition, the number of participants exceeded 500 people.

Another new feature this year were seminars for “beginners.” Only people who held tickets marked “beginners” could attend these seminars.
The number of seminars and speakers was increased greatly this year, which is why the conference lasted a full two days. Guests had many more seminar and lecture options to choose from.

The seminars and lectures were divided into three sections. “Section A” featured English-language reports by foreign experts.
“Section B” presented narrowly focused topics such as mobile automation testing or automation using PHP or JS.
“Section C” gave talks for beginners who have just started their path into the field of test automation.

The Section C lectures is where we spent most of our time.

Of course, we would have liked to attend several of the other lectures from other sections, and fortunately all of this became possible within 3 days when we were sent emails with videos of all the lectures – an excellent customer-service offering from the event organizers.

Which lecture did we find the most useful? The lectures of Mikalai Alimenkou – one of the conference organizers – were especially helpful. The topics he was scheduled to cover were of most interest to us when we were choosing lectures to attend. And we weren’t mistaken to make his lectures the focus of our concentration.

One of his lectures was: “Everything you want to know about Page Object design pattern” which clarified for us the conception of this pattern, and answered the questions we had going in. This lecture also provided some useful tips for writing automation tests in a good style.
Another lecture we enjoyed was about testing in Google.

In his talk, Eran Nelinger opened for us the behind the scenes action of the testing organization of one of the largest companies in the world.

Each lecture we attended brought something useful to us. We looked more closely at some interesting patterns and frameworks such as JDI, Selenide and so on. It’s quite possible that we will apply them in our further projects. In addition to knowledge, ideas and inspiration, we met new friends at the conference. It is always very useful to network and share experience with people who are involved in the same field as we are.

The most unique event was our chance meeting with the speakers in a cafe at the end of the second day of the conference.

Where else would it be possible to sit at the same table with Sergey Pirogov (Senior QA Automation Engineer in Ciklum and a very experienced speaker) and Alexei Vinogradov (one of the most active contributors of Selenide), talk to them like close friends, to discuss last conference and to talk about IT in particular?

To sum up, it was wonderful two days. For the first time, we attended such a high-level conference and brought home a lot of pleasant impressions. Excellent organization, a funny photo zone, unlimited food and drink, even a whiskey party – all of these are “Selenium Camp.”

In addition to the new knowledge and food for thought, we got T-shirts with the “Selenium Camp” logo, a lot of fun items and stickers for our colleagues in our office.

We had a great and very educational time, and we have no doubts that we’ll definitely return here next year.


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