Signifyd Cooperation: J&H Tackle Case

Our long-term client – Joshua Fuld – has an e-commerce store that is focused on selling fishing gear in the USA and around the world. He inherited this family business offline and developed it into a robust and trusted online (web & mobile) platform. His goal has always been an individual approach and security for his clients.

Challenge the J&H Tackle store Faced

Joshua made every effort to make the goods available for shoppers anywhere even in other countries, especially in Canada, Latin America, etc. So, he implemented different online payment methods to facilitate and streamline the shopping experience. 

However, he faced a challenge of fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. Since transparency and security are the key values for his business, Joshua even made a decision to temporarily stop providing international payment options in order to find the solution that would make cross-border payments secure. 

And he did find it. That is how the fishing e-commerce J&H Tackle’s history of cooperation with Signifyd started.

Solution – Partnership with Signifyd

Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform protects e-commerce merchants from fraud and consumer abuse, ensuring a friction-free experience for online shoppers. 

 The solution comes with a financial guarantee on the platform’s decisions and provides an average revenue lift of 3% to 6%. 

Signifyd’s platform combines machine learning and big data to instantly sort fraudulent orders from legitimate ones. Because the system learns from millions of transactions on Signifyd’s Commerce Network of thousands of merchants, 97% of orders made today are made by customers Signifyd has seen before. 


As a result of Signifyd’s ability to identify legitimate and fraudulent orders in new markets, Josh was able to begin accepting international orders again while eliminating his fraud liability on Signifyd approved orders. This has increased the level of trust that customers have in J&H Tackle, which in turn has resulted in increased top-line revenue. 

Besides being able to shift the full fraud liability onto Signifyd, Josh reduced the need for manual order reviews. That allowed him to focus on what he can do best – run and improve his business and customer service. 

Attract Group Partnership with Signifyd

Attract Group has always cared about our customers. So, given the above-mentioned details, we have decided to partner with Signifyd to ensure all our future projects will include industry-leading fraud protection when it comes to cross-border card transactions. 

We do believe this cooperation will help our customers increase their conversion rates and revenues by providing their own clients with the security of the transactions they deserve.  

If you are interested in getting to know more about how your e-store can benefit from integration with the Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform or would like to implement it on your e-commerce site, reach out and we will provide you with more details.

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