WHY COVID-19 Digitalization Program?

COVID-19 came as an unexpected threat to all the people in the world. It influences the health of people, the most valuable asset of humanity. Doctors are working hard to save lives every day. Scientists are moving to their labs to work on lifegiving vaccines. But unfortunately, there is no treatment yet from this virus. The only thing we can do is to stay home and stop the pandemic to help our health system and those in need of extra support. Our team started to work from home in April and we encourage everyone to stay home if you can as long as there is a pandemic spike.

Working from home, staying at home and strictly following social distancing are the only things we can do right now to help our medical systems. This means our lifestyle changes as well. A lot of people cannot work from home because businesses require them to be onsite. But there are many businesses which try to adapt as soon as possible to the new world to survive. Old businesses transform and new businesses appear to avoid global economic collapse. They create special barriers for people onsite, move their businesses online, make all the necessary arrangements to make sure people can work from home, create lessons and entertaining programs for small kids and students.

It is interesting that throughout the last years we have constantly heard that the Internet was keeping us apart and made us distant from each other. Fortunately, we have the Internet in our lives today: this is the only means that keeps us connected now.

At this hard time, we decided to support global humanity by launching a special Anti-COVID-19 Digitalization program to help companies and organizations to get back on track and to engage more people back to work in a safe manner.

COVID-19 Digitalization Program Goal

Our mission is to accelerate global business digitalization and help new businesses emerge faster. So, we have decided to launch a digitalization program for the companies that have suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic economic crisis and help new timely start-up businesses arise faster.

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Who Is COVID-19 Digitalization Program For?

We selected the following industries which are the most influential during the pandemic. This program is oriented to the following companies:

Healthcare organization.

There is no doubt that healthcare organizations are our first priority. We try to help them as much as we can by building special solutions for hospitals and labs needs.

Logistics companies.

With social distancing those companies are very important to deliver life-vital products to our homes and companies to keep them running. They are still running nowadays to keep other important businesses on track together with delivering food to high-risk people who cannot go out.

Educational organizations.

While staying at home, we should not forget about our future generation, kids, who cannot attend schools right now. We are open to help and support schools and educational organizations.

Offline retail business going online.

Shopping was a very important activity in our lives. We are not speaking here about grocery stores only, but other kinds of shopping as well. This industry is mostly closed right now and requires help to transform. We are ready to help these companies to go online and get back on track.

Restaurants and tourism businesses.

Probably the most suffering industries right now. They were bringing us pleasure in our busy lives, places where we could meet our friends and spend some quality time with them. We are open to new and transformations ideas to help restaurants and tourism businesses to pass the pandemic lockdown. Check our delivery services.

Beauty services and sport clubs.

Staying healthy but also beautiful is very important to stay motivated. All the beauty salons and sport clubs are now closed. We are ready to help them get online and to keep in contact with their audience during the pandemic.

Entertaining services.

None of us really has the opportunity to enjoy our hobbies as we have to stay home. In order to keep people motivated, new services arise to keep people strong and optimistic and not to get worried and upset while being locked at their homes.

New startups.

If you are a startup which can’t fit into the list above but your services can help humanity pass the pandemic, please contact us to discuss it.

COVID-19 Digitalization Program Is for You When

Requiring bringing your offline business online fast.

Requiring bringing your offline business online fast.

Experiencing a high load of digital work during the pandemic.

Experiencing a high load of digital work during the pandemic.

Creating new remote work tools and enterprise collaboration systems.

Creating new remote work tools and enterprise collaboration systems.

Transforming your business to let people work from home.

Transforming your business to let people work from home.

Exploring new business models and business growth points.

Exploring new business models and business growth points.

Creating educational materials or platforms.

Creating educational materials or platforms.

Helping people stay positive, strong and healthy.

Helping people stay positive, strong and healthy.

COVID-19 Pricing

Selected industries:
  • Healthcare organization.
  • Logistics companies.
Close to net cost pricing.
Flat hourly rate is $20/h.
Selected industries:
  • Educational organizations
  • Offline retail business going online
  • Restaurants and tourism businesses
  • Beauty services and sports clubs
  • Entertaining services
  • New startups
20% discount on all the services for all initial setup to get things running again.

* We provide special payment scheduling for the companies in need which includes discounts and deferred/credited payment or payment in installments over a longer period of time.

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