Create a software solution automates the selection and distribution of content in social networks for small and medium businesses, as well as private users.


Service selected thematic content, according to user requirements.
The user configures individual schedule and submit their data to the activation algorithm distribution.
Distribution Algorithm works with dozens of criteria for selection of relevant content for its further distribution.
After the publication of the user opens the possibility of doing their jobs, analysts in social networks on the basis of the collection and aggregation of data in a single system.


The project was divided into three main tasks:
- Validation algorithm distribution development
- Integration with Facebook and Google+, Recurly payment system and postal services and Madmimi
- Preparation of the external component of the service


The project team demanded special attention to the integration and creation of the functional to the service can be used by people who do not have extensive knowledge in the field of computerization.
Each stage of integration to make certain restrictions on the original functionality. Especially a lot of the time taken Work with the service requires verification of applications interacting with them.


The first step was the decision to use Scrumban with weekly iterations.
Interaction design was based on the initial mockups client and the selected colors and character filling.
Each element of the service was tested for ease of perception of manual testing.
When creating integrations - the whole team was contributed to the selection of data and appropriate technologies to achieve the result.
The decision was reached by skillful communication with support service and a clear understanding of the ultimate goals of each integration.


php +5.3, Codeignither, Boostrap, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML 5, CSS 3


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