Yucel Cinar, Chief Executive Officer from London, UK, is highly experienced in digital project management and managing a variety of concurrent projects on various online platforms, including mobile and hologram technologies.
With extensive experience in holo ads, our client understood that hologram advertising is redefining marketing perspectives and revolutionizing the business approach. The out-of-home ads industry is shifting from trite billboards to digital screens. Holograms are one of the technologies that are driving this transition. So, there came an idea to create an advertising marketplace for selling holo ads for brands with a very sophisticated target audience segmentation, calculation, and tracking. The tool had to help him save costs, start his own online business and optimize his working processes.
Web Solution
We have developed a website with an admin panel and two mobile applications. The site provides three user roles: agency/brand, location owner, and admin (investor).

The Agency/brand accounts allow them to view, select, book, and track their advertising points. Location owners have the ability to track all advertising in their location and income while Admins can track the income.
Mobile Solution
The apps provide three roles: agency/brand, location owner and admin (investor).
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Business Tasks We Have Solved

Cost Saving

The digital marketplace allows eliminating unnecessary paperwork and calls.

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Improvement & Automation

Selling advertisements has become easier and more efficient with the marketplace and a cost calculator.

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Online Presence

The system allowed transforming the offline business to the online one.

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Other modules

  • Guest Modes
  • Profiles
  • Booking System
  • Moderation System
  • Finances
  • Reports

Core Technologies Used

Front-End:- Angular Universal, Angular 7
IOS: Swift 5, RxSwift, MVVM.
Android: Kotlin, RxKotlin, MVVM.

The customer has had success in the seed round investment and project is expanding.
3 months of development.
Total cost of a similar project from scratch is $25k-50k

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