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Analyze and deploy sales scripts

Mostly analyzing and writing sales scripts is hard and nervous part of the salesprocess but it doesn't have to be.

Script Sales software has the certain aim to make this part of work comfortable and fast without loss of efficiency.

Create a basic script with branches that allow the user to monitor each phase of the conversation and make it a useful tool to increase productivity of your company.

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What it does?

Sales script pitches and library

  1. Step-by-step building of the script
  2. Build a stronger pipeline

Call Scripts

  • Customize script useful for your business
  • Decrease cold call anxiety

Email Templates

  • Create different email campaigns for most of your
    common sales situation
  • Get the answer and follow-up the fastest way

Email Automation

  • Plan and independently set up email campaigns
  • Reach valuable information

Voicemail Scripts

  • Any part of your communication with
    customers won’t be lost
  • Have better conversations


  • Control, drive and analyze each your connection
  • Generate more leads and contacts
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