App Development for Startups - How to Build an iOS App for Your Startup in 2023

Did you know that iOS app users tend to spend double the amount of time on the Apple App Store than Android users spend in the Google Play Store? Overall, the Apple App Store received $85 billion in 2021, but Google Play only saw $48 billion in sales.

The Apple Store doesn’t have many free apps, which makes it more profitable. If you’re focused on software development for a new app or want web development for your project, you’ll need to work with the top mobile app development company to get the job done.

Clearly, mobile apps are highly popular, and many people want to know how to make an iOS app. They likely don’t understand much about software development or web development, so it’s crucial to have a guide to help.

Here are the steps you should take:

1. Initial Preparations for the Mobile App Development Company

The first thing you should do before working with the top app development companies is to create your business idea and understand the user experience for each feature you plan to have. Overall, it’s wise to start with the user’s story when building an iOS app.

You must know what you’re doing and who it will be for during this stage. Likewise, you’ll have to think of the many scenarios users might come across to avoid surprises later.

Each item on your list will have to focus on functionality. Therefore, you should fragment your thoughts and ensure you’re making tasks specific. It’s wise to take large expectations and divide them into several stages in the software development phase. These releases will help you.

When you’ve compiled your user story, you’ll start planning and focusing on web development and design. It’s often wise to use prototypes to show others how the navigational aspect works.

Once you design iOS and Android apps, it’s wise to use hydlines. This is a document the company provides, and it helps developers and designers understand how the user and app will interact with each other. The buttons are square on a Windows Phone and round for iOS. Likewise, you’ll have to create internal guidelines for the mobile app development for startup team.

Primarily, the designer’s work focuses more on sliced graphics, hydelines, and layouts.

Layouts should be relinked when building an iOS app because it will clarify the logic of transitions. Hydelines often contain data about animation mechanics, visual effects, dimensions, indents, and the like. You can usually skip this step if your project only has one developer and designer working together.

The third part is the slicing of graphics. It must contain the necessary graphic resources and the versions for the many screen resolutions. For example, the team will likely draw for XHDPI and retina screens.

After you’ve done that, you’ll prepare for MDPI and non-retina using automated means if allowed and possible. Typically, designers must create any HDPI resources manually.

2. Hiring the Startup App Development Team for the iOS App

The next step of the web development process is to find a software development company to create your iOS app. Some people will hire in-house mobile app developers, but it will generally cost more than if you outsourced it to a firm. Likewise, you’ll spend less money and time finding a dedicated team if you don’t hire specialists and pay their salaries and the taxes on them.

In the early stages of software development, it’s often wise to use a recruitment agency. The team will grow over time, and then you can choose an HR expert to keep everyone on track for the mobile app development project. A custom-built HR team will understand your requirements and can plan to search for new recruits as needed.

Here are a few tips to take:

3. Prioritize the Features Wanted for the Project MVP

The minimum viable product (MVP) often includes the basic elements for web apps. For example, if you wish to order goods at home, your MVP should consist of an order form and catalog at this stage of the software development process.

You’ll be able to add other features, such as in-app chat, in-app payment, and push notifications, in the next steps of web development.

Launching your MVP helps you provide users with the first version more quickly than if you focused on all mobile app development services simultaneously.

Clearly, this is where your market research pays off; you’ll reduce your time-to-market and can get the app in front of viewers sooner.

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4. Development

To understand how to manage web development during the app development process, you’ll have to know how your development team is created and who does what. This can vary, but here is the classic set:

5. Testing and QA

QA testing ensures that you’ll get functional, safe, and stable mobile apps. Usually, your testers perform various tests.

For example, user experience tests verify the mobile applications through the design, whereas functional testing focuses on checking the functionality of the app. Performance testing assesses the speed and detects memory leaks and unwanted battery consumption on various mobile devices. It’s a crucial part of mobile development!

Modern apps are often tested in an automated way, simulating the load testing and multiplayer scenarios. This will help you reduce the risk of errors. Most professionals recommend that you create the first version to have basic features and less functionality. Then, you can evaluate them and present the rest of the features you want to include. Plus, you’ll get user feedback throughout the process.

6. MVP Launch

Overall, mobile development can’t happen without the MVP launch. Deployment of mobile apps includes a series of actions, making them ready to use. The user must download the application. Then, the review process happens. Google takes a few hours, but Apple uses a stricter verification process. Therefore, it will take a week to ensure that your mobile app development was done correctly.

If mobile app development requires working with the server and database, it must be deployed separately. Typically, you’ll outsource this service, but you can deploy it yourself.

A complex app will take longer to develop and create. Typically, the average time it takes to build your app is 16 to 20 weeks.

There are millions of apps on the App Store, but they’re not always easy to find. If the app in question isn’t an editorial choice and has a low rating, organic search won’t produce it. Therefore, it’s wise to have an excellent marketing strategy to help your target audience discover your app through social networking and other channels, which is part of ASO (App Store Optimization).

It’s possible to market the app yourself or hire a specialist for the job. When you select a marketing agency, make sure it understands app promotion. There have been changes to the iAD platform, according to Forbes. Therefore, it’s wise to get someone else to do the work for you.

Why Work with Mobile App Development Companies

Apple users have shown that they will pay for quality products, whether it’s the software or their devices. Likewise, they’re more willing to do in-app purchases than Android.

If you plan to have a dedicated mobile app for in-app purchases or as a paid subscription, it’s wise to choose the top mobile app development companies to help you. Mobile apps are there to solve a person’s problem, but you don’t want them to go into debt doing it. Likewise, when you compare prices found in both app stores, you’ll notice that the App Store has higher prices than Google Play.

The App Store protects its applications from piracy. Therefore, if someone stole your project, they’d sacrifice the warranty on the device. Plus, they cannot install cracked apps from the Internet because it would cost more than the subscription itself.

If you’re thinking about creating an app for your brand, it’s wise to consider working with a mobile app development company. These professionals offer custom app development services that will give you everything you need. Attract Group can assist you; please request your free quote today!

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