Benefits of Business Analysis Services

Roadmap Attract Group as
a Business Analysis Consultancy Offers

  1. Business Objectives Clarification

    We as a provider of business analysis services find out the business goals and the desired results.

  2. Domain & Business Processes Analysis

    Get market analysis in important to understand what your competitors are doing right and what to focus on.

  3. Requirement Gathering and Clarifying

    Acquire an accurate list of essential software requirements after introductory calls with our BA.

  4. System Logics Building

    With our business analysis consultants, you will get the most optimal infrastructure for your project.

  5. Mockupping & Specification Writing

    Our full-cycle business analyst services you will help create the mockups and the tech specifications for you and developers.

  6. Manuals Preparation

    After the successful project release, you will receive a manual with the detailed description of how the system works.

Mandatory Deliverables from Attract Group
as a Business Analysis Service Provider

Check out our detailed guide on the mandatory and optional deliverables
Mind Map

Get the description of the main modules to understand the scope of works and spot the invisible tasks.

8-32 h

BPMN Diagram

Define and capture the main scenarios for the interaction of user roles and the system as a result of business analysis outsourcing.

8-40 h

List of Non-functional Requirements

Prioritize business-critical non-functional requirements and assess their impact on system development complexity and cost.

2-4 h

Initial Cost Estimate

Get an understanding of the required development resources, which will allow you to estimate the timing of the project with our BAaaS.

8-16 h

Vision and Scope

Acquire a clear understanding of the vision of your business and see the main scenarios for product development, monetization, etc. with our business as a service.

8-10 h

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Optional Deliverables from Attract Group

as a Provider of Business Analysis Services
User Story

Transform your business requirements into functional ones. Understand the role, actions of the user in the system, their need and the profit.

10-35 h


Get a specific user scenario and see how the user comes to the expected result in the interface of the designed system.

16-20 h

Request-Response Model

Understand the main content groups, information structure and how the user interacts with the interface.

8-32 h

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment involves the analysis of possible implementation problems. Finding the optimal solution to the problem.

8-40 h

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