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Pricing Approaches

We adopt either of these options or can create a hybrid one for you.

Fixed-cost Contract

Applicable for short-term projects if you are developing an MVP (minimum viable product) or there is a clear specification and wireframes.

It works best for projects under 500-700 hours in total.

The total cost depends on the complexity of each module and is calculated before starting the development itself: UI/UX Design, Front- and Backend dev-t, Backend, Mobile dev-t, Testing, Project Management

Pricing Formula:

Fixed Cost Project* = Design + Frontend + Backend + Mobile + QA + PM

*Check the Fixed cost estimate sample here.

Time & Material (hourly) Contract

Applicable if there are no clear requirements and/or they are likely to change in the development process.

The total cost is calculated on the basis of the time the team spent on the project:

  • Project manager – fixed monthly cost.
  • Backend developers, Frontend developers, iOS developers, Android developers, Designers – you’ll get the detailed reports every Sprint (2-week Sprints by default).

Pricing Formula:

The budget* = (Developers + QA engineer) x hours + PM (monthly)

*For contracts 6+ months long – you’ll get 10% off!

Customizable Packages We Offer

For your convenience, we have put together a few packages you may consider when deciding on the development strategy.

Launching Pack

Creating a working prototype of your idea at a minimum expense.


2 months

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What you Get:

Wireframes + Design and coding (web app) + Backend admin panel


Wireframes + Design and coding (simple mobile app) + Backend admin panel


Simple web-based SAAS system (proof of concept)


Simple web-based CRM/ERP system (proof of concept)


  • Wireframes
  • Project technical documentation
  • Web MVP development (up to 400 hours) OR Mobile MVP development (up to 400 hours)
  • Project setup on a production server and mobile stores

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Growth Pack

Building a full-featured working project ready for marketing to first customers.


3 to 6 months

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What you Get:

MVP for Uber-type App


E-commerce project


MVP for SAAS project (either web or mobile): Xero/Eventbrite/FreshBooks/Slack/etc.-analogs


MVP to digitalize your business (CRM/ERP etc.)


MVP for Marketplace project (either web or mobile): Upwork, Airbnb, Fiver.


  • Launching Pack+
  • Customer project and logo design (Logo design & corporate identity)
  • CRM/CMS for administration
  • Project development – up to 1000 hours
  • Onsite SEO optimization

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Scaling Pack

Upholding the seamless operation of your product and adapting to constant involvement of your business goals.


6 to 12 months

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What you Get:

Hippa complaint medical system


Online Loyalty program for retail business


Online Marketplace


CRM for logistics company


Educational CRM/ERP/SAAS


  • Growth Pack+
  • Scalable architecture in the cloud (AWS)
  • Project development (up to 2000 hours)
  • Project monitoring and alerting
  • Analytics software configuration
  • Technical & user documentation
  • Marketing content strategy recommendations

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