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Healthcare & Medical

Who Is It For?

Offline business

We help you build digital products that foster your business.

Pain points:

  • Business process transformation;

  • Designing technology architecture;

  • Determining ideal technological solutions;

  • Employee on-boarding;

  • System integration.

To create the right digitalization concept, we analyze your business and define your goals to make a smooth and flawless transition.

Tech e-commerce startups

We offer a full range of custom design and development services to turn your ideas into digital solutions.

Pain points:

  • Lack of tech expertise;

  • Unclear business objectives;

  • The need for follow-up support;

  • Modest budget.

We help our customers create solutions that change the market, gain recognition, and stand out among the competitors.

Roadmap to Create Your E-Commerce/Retail Business


Business Evaluation

Have your business goals assessed and pain points identified to help find the bottlenecks to resolve.


Digital Growth Identification

Be advised on the most relevant digital solutions for your business to grow.


Project Development

Get your project designed and developed as well as properly tested to ensure the best outcome.


Continuous Growth

Improve the site/app to match the market requirements.


Follow-up Support

Have your project up and updated with our support and maintenance services.

Check Our Projects That Started With MVP

Telemedicine Software Development for Public Schools: Bausey Urgent Care

Healthcare & MedTech

Bausey Telemedicine custom-developed web application is designed to address the majority of urgent medical needs within schools across New Orleans.


Nathaniel Dorsey, a Company Owner at Bausey Medical Solutions (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA).

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Management Unification

Every party gets access to the software which eliminates the need for other coordinating measures and unnecessary phone calls and tracking tools.

Online Presence

Telemedicine is impossible without an online presence.


The client has already made contracts with New Orleans schools. The system has been successfully implemented and is still being implemented in other places.

An Event App Development Services: Sscene

Entertainment & Media

Event app development services for iOS, focused on creating an application that streamlines the process of selling and managing tickets and bottle services for various club events. This platform facilitates the sharing of tickets and enables users to easily split the bill among friends, enhancing the overall experience of organizing and attending these events. Designed to cater to the needs of those looking to develop an event app, this solution embodies the principles of efficient event management app development.


An American startup.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Business Growth

The scalable nature of the app allows adding new features easily, which helps the business grow in an agile way according the demand.

Cost Saving

Buying tickets and tables directly on users' phones - no printing required!

Customer Base Increase

Such features as inviting friends and sharing tickets allow this app to be promoted and spread faster. Because young people appreciate flexibility and convenience.

Customer Retention

No more waiting in lines to buy a ticket or waiting for a waiter to pay your bill. The applications were created to make the user experience want to use it again and again. This creates loyalty.

Improvement & Automation

Selling tickets to night clubs for the target audience using all functionality of the admin panel. Ticket validation is also performed with the help of an app. Sharing tickets is a useful improvement.

Online Presence

The whole business idea is mobile-based. It wouldn't be possible without mobile apps.

Revenue Increase

Features like splitting the bill make purchases aтв bottle services easier and less stressful. So, people tend to order more, which leads to the revenue increase.


The client got the MVP in July and got the first results of 300+ tickets sold for a total of $40k for only first event. New features are still being implemented.

PRJ partners: An Analytical Tool for Financial Reports

Entertainment & Media

a Web application to forecast financial metrics, create financial reports for financial institutions, and find partners/funding/M&A.


Michael Chang - a startup owner.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Improvement & Automation

Automation of building financial reports for companies.

Online Presence

The business turned from offline services into a digital web platform.


An MVP version of the product has been created. It has been launched into a closed beta testing stage for the first clients.

SaaS Development Services for Healthy Weekly Meal Generation: Menudoplan

Healthcare & MedTech

A web development service creating a SaaS application focused on healthy eating, offering fitness menu planning based on scientific methods.


Iván Resina Sánchez, Freelance SEO in Seowhite, Barcelona Area, Spain

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Cost Saving

Automation of the work of nutritionists has allowed saving time and money on the site maintenance.

Customer Retention

Easy user flow and convenient features make users go back. A mobile-friendly website also increases customers’ engagement and loyalty.

Improvement & Automation

No more human errors and abundant work on creating the menu. It is now generated automatically based on the strict nutritionists’ rules and certain preferred ingredients.

Online Presence

The business model is possible when only online. So, the site helped start the business.


At the moment, the client is expanding the user database to start beta testing and is working on the marketing campaigns while filling in the site with the content.

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