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Technologies We Use

You deserve the best and you get it with us. The cutting-edge tools we use allow delivering robust and competitive mobile applications that will boost your business.

Cloud computing:

AWS, GCP, Rackspace

Container management:

Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes, DC/OS

Continuous integration and build

Gitlab, Jenkins, Bamboo


Nagios, Grafana, Datadog, PagerDuty


ELK, Datadog, Fluentd, Prometheus

Infrastructure as a code


Task We Have Solved With DevOps and Cloud

Business Growth

Grow your products organically and on-demand with cloud scalable resources.

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Competitive Advantage

Utilize cloud-native managed services to provide fast and quality services.

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Cost Saving

Reduce the costs on infrastructure by optimizing your load and utilizing scaling techniques.

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Improvement & Automation

Use efficient continuous integration and delivery pipelines to shorten the development cycle and improve quality.

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Management Unification

Keep your infrastructure in a code for easy management, control, and adjustment at scale.

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DevOps & Cloud Practices We Implement

Industries We Have Developed For


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