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Scale your business, minimize management costs and improve project robustness with Cloud services.

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Increase transparency of the project logging

Monitor apps health

Ensure bug-free and efficient project dev.

Accelerate project feature delivery

DevOps as a Service Benefits

Cloud Configuration

Advising companies and startups on best practices of cloud adoption or migration and supporting them during cloud setup implementation.

DevOps Services

Helping startups and companies adopt DevOps cultural and engineering practices to shorten the development cycle and improve quality.

Tasks we have solved with DevOps as a Service

Business Growth

Grow your products organically and on-demand with cloud scalable resources.

Cost Saving

Reduce the costs on infrastructure by optimizing your load and utilizing scaling techniques.

Manage Unification

Keep your infrastructure in a code for easy management, control, and adjustment at scale.

Competitive Advantage

Utilize cloud-native managed services to provide fast and quality services.

Improvement & Automation

Use efficient continuous integration and delivery pipelines to shorten the development cycle and improve quality.

Our DevOps Services and Solutions

DevOps as a Service

CI/CD Pipeline

DevOps as a Service facilitates continuous integration and delivery to ensure frequent and issue-free deployment of source code with minimal time and effort spent.

Infrastructure as Code

Streamline infrastructure setup and management by utilizing powerful tools for automating provisioning, optimizing costs, and ensuring resource allocation efficiency, speed, consistency, and accountability.

Container Orchestration

When it comes to rapid and secure application creation and deployment, containerization offers measurable advantages for both developers and IT operations.

Cloud Migration

Automat-IT offers expertise in managing migration projects for enterprises and startups, ensuring seamless migration to the Cloud with results aligned to infrastructure and business needs.

Optimize Costs and Resources in Cloud

DevOps service can help manage and optimize the use of cloud-based infrastructure, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and better overall performance.

DevOps Consulting

Develop a DevOps culture within the organization by assessing the current state of infrastructure, architecture, and processes, creating a roadmap for improvement, and involving major stakeholders in the process.

DevOps One-Time Task

One-time DevOps work involves automating provisioning and establishing standard software development environments with automated deployment.

Testing as a Service

DevSecOps Inspection

Performing automatic vulnerability checks on the software that is used for the project.

Penetration Inspection

Scanning for errors and potential vulnerabilities of a web project such as: Cross-site scripting, SQL Injection, Command Injection, Path Traversal and Insecure server configuration.

Code Inspection & Integration

Scans source code to uncover application security issues as early as possible in software development life cycle.

Selenium Test Automation

Creation and running the Selenium tests that will check the main modules of the project to identify problems at an early stage.

Monitoring as a Service

Proactive Monitoring

Improve reliability through continuous project testing, updating measurable indicators and metrics to align with business needs and decision-making processes.

Infrastructure Metrics Monitoring

Proper implementation of monitoring will help the team to know about the problem before it is reported by end users in the first place.

Business Metrics Monitoring

The collection of business metrics helps to better understand the effectiveness of the application or its individual parts for further improvement and development.

Backups as a Service

Disaster Recovery Plan

Providing a flexible backup with a quick ability to restore the project in an emergency case.

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Technologies we use

Continuous integration and build
Container management
Configuration management
Monitoring and alerting
Continuous Testing
Log Collection
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