Maintenance & Support Services Model

Yearly Maintenance Agreement
The Contracts offers to provide tech support, fix bugs, carry out corrective maintenance measure, and keep your apps versions up to date.
Part-Time / Full-Time Team Reserve
We will arrange all the maintenance services such as monitoring apps, upgrading them, and making their enhancements.
Scope-Based Maintenance
Scheduled Checkups of essential project features and its performance is ctitical to ensure your customers get the best user experience. Moreover, this helps avoid critical consequences in the future.
Support and Maintenance services may vary, and should be picked based on the parts of a project:
  • • Backend (DB with API)
  • • Backend Admin panel
  • • Mobile apps
  • • Frontend webapp

You can pick the following services:

Keeping technical knowledge about the project up to date

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Adding a monitoring service

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Allocating engineer hours in case of emergency

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Setting up a backup/restore system

- for backend/API/DB.
Project recovery (manual): on-demand.

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Performing a scheduled tech stack/platform check and update

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Additional requests/Changes of requests

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding the Support&Maintenance collaboration services
Keep Your Apps Up and Free of Failure

- Latest mobile OS versions

- Security updates

- New Functionality by Phone manufacturers (finger print scanning, camera features changes, face detection etc.)

- Hardware configuration changes and app scaling

- Bug search

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