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Maternity leaves are very short in the UK and there are a lot of occasions parents need verified nannies for their children. Our client realized that the market is ready for an app that will allow automated searching for a nanny with the highest recommendations.

So, our clients came up with an idea to cooperate with the notable Institution that trains professional babysitters. They developed their own custom design and business logics we then implemented.

The app was called to provide a competitive advantage to the services by providing only the best-rated qualified nannies. It was also designed to unify management efforts and ensure customer retention due to user-friendly journeys.
Web Solution
The admin panel provides administrators with a possibility to verify nannies, resolve disputes, and edit bookings and details.
Mobile Solution
The Flutter app contains 2 user roles with the opportunity to chat: Nannies and Parents. Each profile is unique and covers the most relevant information. Nannies can demonstrate their achievements and skills with the reviews and ratings, while parents can provide the most important information about their children, allergies, etc.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Competitive Advantage

Parents get only the certified nannies from their area who have the highest reviews and ratings.

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Customer Base Increase

Nannies get access to a larger pool of parents.

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Customer Retention

The chat functionality and nannies reviews and certification keep the parents engaged in the app.

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Online Presence

The apps help the Institution automate employing their nannies.

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Other modules

  • Admin Panel
  • Push Notifications + Emails
  • Disputes
  • Extend Bookings
  • Filters
  • Matching Algorithm by location and availability
  • Skills/Interests/Hobbies
  • Nanny’s Availability Settings

Core Technologies Used

Backend: Laravel/PHP, Laravel Pipelines, PHP 7.4, Firebase FCM, Docker Swarm,
Frontend: React, Next, Sass, Typescript
Database: MySQL 8
iOS: Flutter
Android: Flutter

Third-Party Integrations

Firebase, Stripe, Google Places API, Google Geocoding API, Stripe Connect, Stripe Payments
The app has been released and gained a lot of traction and trust with the users both nannies and parents. The user database is progressively expanding even though the apps are aimed at London, Bath, and the closest neighbourhood.
3 Months of development

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