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The on-demand economy meets customers’ needs in certain services by providing them with immediate access to the needed goods/services with the help of user-friendly applications. This service type exists in the spheres such as Hospitality, Transportation and delivery, Education, etc. Since on-demand services are gaining more and more traction, ever more companies are willing to serve as intermediaries between providers and customers. So, our client decided to create an Uber-type delivery app - an application that allows connecting the people in need of delivery services with the ones who have a car and would like to make extra money as a side job. Each of us has had a question of how to transfer a sofa or household appliances home from a store when this purchased item does not fit the trunk of your family van. On-demand logistics will be very handy in such cases. The service allows ordering delivery directly from one point to another at any moment of time. The given uber clone app delivery also provides big car owners with extra revenue. The project is supposed to automate and unite administration and management processes in one place.
Web Solution
We developed a landing page designed to attract new users and customers and educate them on the service with the help of an explainer video.
Mobile Solution
The apps provide three roles; an admin who verifies drivers, a customer who places orders, and a driver who can accept orders and make money. Drivers undergo a screening process by an admin before being admitted to the service. The deterred payment via Stripe secures both customers and drivers by reserving the transaction until one of the parties has confirmed the work completion. Customers have a period to complain and withdraw theу money.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Improvement & Automation

The calculator and phone number verification features allow automating the screening process to protect every party.

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Online Presence

The start-up idea could see the world only because of the digital solutions provided.

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Other modules

  • Push Notifications
  • Sockets
  • Google Map Integration
  • Apple Map Integration
  • Stripe Payment Integration
  • Cloud Storage
  • Order Hostory
  • Driver Verification

Core Technologies Used

Backend: Laravel, Mysql, Redis, Docker, php, websocket, queue Front End - Angular 7 IOS: RxSwift, Push notifications, sockets
Android: RxAndroid, RxKotlin, Push notifications, sockets

Third-Party Integrations

Stripe, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Amazon S3, Amazon SMS
The project has been successfully launched and is undergoing beta testing.
2 months of Development

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Nataliia Rud

Nataliia Rud
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Yulia Deretskaya
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Vladimir Terekhov

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Ivan Mashey

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