Nathaniel Dorsey, a Company Owner at Bausey Medical Solutions (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA).
Urgent healthcare services are always in demand. Having immediate or seamless access to the professionals is necessary and sometimes vital, especially at schools where parents can’t keep an eye on their children. So, after thorough research, our client decided to start a Telemedicine business. He was planning to agree with schools to place a nurse and a computer in New Orlean’s schools. The nurse was responsible for making an appointment and a video call with a corresponding doctor in case of need.
There was developed a web-based application system with three main roles: a super admin, a nurse, and a doctor, each having different levels of access and rights.

The super administrators can manage doctors and appointments, while doctors can only view their patients and the history of their visits.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Management Unification

Every party gets access to the software which eliminates the need for other coordinating measures and unnecessary phone calls and tracking tools.

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Online Presence

Telemedicine is impossible without an online presence.

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Other modules

  • Patient’s Profile
  • Doctor’s appointment list
  • Access restrictions for different roles
  • Patient’s visit history
  • Patient’s search
  • Patient’s visit history
  • Survey analytic

Core Technologies Used

Databases: MySQL

Backend: PHP

Frontend: JavaScript, WebRTC
The client has already made contracts with New Orleans schools. The system has been successfully implemented and is still being implemented in other places.
3 Months of development

The total cost of a similar project from scratch is $10-50k

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Nataliia Rud

Nataliia Rud
Business Development manager

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Vladimir Terekhov

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Ivan Mashey

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