Social network with live streams. Online battles between users by any topic.
Similar project budget and timeline
$50.000 + 6 months +
Similar project budget and timeline
$50.000 + 6 months +
Project overview
The app is planned to be extended with Machine learning solutions to suggest users the most relavant content. As well the AR functionality for even more gamification.

Client Feedback

Shawn Janik
LA, USA. Creator of the startup.

“Attract Group delivered a high-quality product on a tight deadline, and are about to begin development. They continue to impress their partners with their knowledge on all things related to development. They’re very professional and easy to communicate with.”

Project Stages

Proof of Concept

The challenge that our team faced with was creating the video streaming platform from scratch with really high quality standards. Minimal delay, perfect synchronisation and efficient post-processing. At this stage we created the first prototypes that proved that these requirements can be achieved on-time and in-budget.

MVP Development

Flustr app includes not only highly-efficient streaming processes, but also a lot of gamifications with complex business logic under-the hood, donations system, music library connection and many more. At this stage we tightly cooperated with the client to clarify the MVP scope of the app and implement the ideas into a working application. At the same time, we created the scalable back-end infrastructure that efficiently uses the resources and at the same time allows to conduct up to 100 battles simultaneously with 4500 spectators.

Release and Evolve

After the release and the first thousands of users joining the platform, we started to actively gather the early-adopters feedback for the improvements of the user experience. At the same time, we are adding new modes to the app, working on adding Machine learning algorithms for a more personalised user experience in the app as well as AI/AR technologies for even more gamification.

How it Works

Record a challenge showcasing your talents.

Flustr platform welcomes people who is eager to share their skills with the world or just wants to have some fun online. Any user can record a short-duration engaging video, and the other users on the platform will be able to comment, like, share or answer to the challenge with their own video, if they find the topic of the challenge interesting.

Select an opponent from response videos.

The creator of the challenge can select what video responses he likes the most and arrange a battle with that user. They can select a date and time, or go to battle right away. Other users can warm up the interest to a particular battle by donating internal coins to the Winner’s pot. The winner gets everything!

Choose music.

Thanks to the connect music library, the users can select, what music will be played during their battle. This is particularly useful for the singers and dancers. And unlike other platforms, Flustr allows to record streams with sound with background music playing.

Battle live!

That’s where the things get interesting. The users’ battle goes live, and everyone on the platform can join it and vote for the favouring battler and leave comments. After the stream is finished, the system post-processes the video, and it’s available to be rewatched at any time. During 7 days after the battle takes place, the winner is selected based on the users’ votes and receives all the donations from the winner’s pot.

Technology Solution

Achieved minimum delay in user's video streaming. Managed video, audio and additional layer of music audio recording, streaming and replaying on both Android and iOS devices. Included complex gamification mechanics in the app. Created a scalable and efficient infrastructure that is capable of managing hundreds of simultaneous streams and thousands of watchers. "

All Technology Stack
Android / IOS

Other Features

Flustr app has a lot of features that make the app experience as smooth and entertaining as it gets. Special security measures to prevent any offensive content, numerous modes and mechanics of the battles, privacy settings make the app engaging and safe place for the users.

In App Currency

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Project Results

Succesful release, positive feedback from user.
Over 2k users with minimal marketing investments.

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