Benjamin Smith is an experienced business owner with extensive records of working in the mental health care industry. He is a Founding Partner of Blue Moon Senior Counseling, a group of Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Psychologists.
Senior people are communities that need more exposure to mental healthcare services. All too often, doctors have no idea how to help them cope with depression and anxiety and who to refer them to. So, a client has decided to connect senior people in need with clinicians. Until now this was a manual process and everyone had to be processed manually. There was a dedicated person who would take each patient and call all the clinicians in that area to ask if they can take a patient or not. It took a lot of time and stopped the client from scaling faster.
Implemented platform processes all the patients automatically. All patients when entered into the system get automatically notified of all the clinicians in the area of the case. Similar to the Uber model, they can accept or decline a patient. Thus, preventing long term and error-prone manual process of manually assigning each and every patient.

It also helps the customer scale, since right now it does not matter how many new patients there are in the system, they are all processed automatically.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Business Growth

The scalable business model allows growing the business easily by adding an unlimited number of referrals.

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Cost Saving

No need for a dedicated person who functions as a dispatcher.

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Improvement & Automation

Clinicians are automatically notified of senior patients in the area. This eliminates a lot of manual work.

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The applications have been released and can be found in the corresponding app stores.

At the moment, the client is increasing the audience and is working on promoting the applications.
1 Month of development

The total cost of a similar project from scratch is $5k-10k

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