A Dutch startupper who purchases and sells flowers and facilitates others in this business.
The client contacted us with a startup idea in mind to develop an online auction place where validated flower farms can have a constant demand for their products at the rates they find acceptable and secure transactions while the buyers can find the best deals during the auction.
We developed an auction platform where buyers can place a request and farms can apply without seeing the bids of their competitors. This approach makes it more trustworthy for the customers. Preorders and an opportunity of offline orders make this platform more convenient. Moreover, the customer is able to charge a fee from every payment, monitor finances, and provide delivery when necessary. The system also notifies all the users about every change and required actions.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Online Presence

This successful startup idea was only realized after the development of the platform.

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Revenue Increase

Delivery charges and transaction fees are providing constant additional income.

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Other modules

  • Dispo
  • Current Offer
  • Delivery options
  • Personal accounts
  • A dictionary of flower types/sorts
  • Order Accuracy Checking
  • Notifications
  • Web content editing
  • Translations into 3 languages

Core Technologies Used

PHP (Laravel), Redis, MySql, MongoDB, Vuejs, Less
The project has been successfully released and is being maintained. In 4 months of being live it has attracted about 40 customers and over 60 trusted farms. Currently, the platform has sold over 27,000 flowers and the number keeps growing.
Total cost of a similar project from scratch is $25k-50k

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Nataliia Rud

Nataliia Rud
Business Development manager

Vladimir Terekhov

Vladimir Terekhov

Ivan Mashey

Ivan Mashey

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