Denis Kostenko - CEO of the Fifth Element (Fivel).
Fivel was founded in 2012 by a group of engineers. At first, they had only an offline store. Over the time they decided to expand. So, Dmitriy - a co-founder -   came to us with a request to create an online selling platform to reach new audiences and expand their presence. He asked for an easy search and navigation through the large amounts of components they sell to ensure smooth user experience and profit increase.
We made an e-commerce store with a convenient system for searching for goods (BOM), placing, and monitoring orders. The system also provides a possibility to grant individual discounts based on the volume and history of purchases. The process of updating the information about the number of components, their description, and prices was made fully automated, which saves time and optimizes the processes.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Competitive Advantage

The availability of multiple suppliers and a simple but comprehensive BOM search system among them makes it stand out.

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Improvement & Automation

Integrations of parsers and editors in the admin panel limited the number of manual edits and improved the efficiency.

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Online Presence

The transition from offline to online business form has allowed this company to expand and develop a strong reputation on the market.

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Revenue Increase

The site’s usability makes it attractive for customers, which results in bigger orders and larger revenues.

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Other modules

  • Export of PDF Reports
  • Getting Data from FTP, HTTP(S),SOAP,SMTP
  • Sphinx Search Engine
  • Discount System
  • Export of Orders, Manufacturers into Exel
  • Adjustable cost calculator
  • Delivery cost calculator
  • PDF receipts and Reports
  • Fivel Engine
  • Fast Order Option
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Core Technologies Used

Python (Django), Postgresql, Sphinx (with realtime index)

Third-Party Integrations

Parsers, libraries, and APIs: Yandex Checkout, PyPDF2, xhtml2pdf, scrappy, celery, RabittMQ, SOAPpy, Farnell, Futureelectronics, Compel, Schukat, Platan, TME, Arrow, America2, Digikey, Mouser, America2, Gmail API, API calculator of cargo delivery cost, Yandex money, beautifulsoup4, reportLab, сkeditor
The customer has received a flexible system and profitable source of income. It has attracted over 7,500 users who have placed about 8,000 orders online so far.
6 months of development and ongoing maintenance.
Total cost of a similar project from scratch is 50k-100k

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