Georgia For Travel LLC.
Our customer faced a problem of the lack of a tool that would help spread awareness about tourists’ attractions in Georgia. The goal of the project was to create a space to help professional and verified tour guides get extra income and provide a safe environment for travelers to refer to and get the full information about the tour they are going to book. They wanted to include a partnership system where widgets are installed in their blogs on personal pages to generate additional traffic for the site while providing extra income for the partners.
The platform we developed has become a handy tool for Georgian tour guides who can now benefit from the online presence and feedback/rating they receive from the satisfied customers. This increases competition and service standards thus creating demand and loyalty to the platform.
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Business Tasks We Have Solved

Competitive Advantage

Partners get their bonus for booking via their links.

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Customer Base Increase

The possibility of booking the same tour by a few groups has reduced the number of refusals.

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Online Presence

Internet presence has improved the demand for tourism due to more transparency and online booking features.

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Revenue Increase

Tour guides along with the partners got another source of income. Our customer is able to make money charging fees from the guides.

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Other modules

  • A personal account for partners
  • A personal account for guides
  • A convenient tour search by type and city
  • Multiple group booking
  • Personal accounts for guides

Core Technologies Used

PHP, Laravel, JQuery, MySQL

Third-Party Integrations

Our client launched the project in May 2017. He has had over 3000 bookings on the site so far. The success of this project has inspired them to develop another start-up idea that will soon see the world. Now we are developing some additional functionality.
6 months of development and 5 years of ongoing maintenance.
Total cost of a similar project from scratch is $25k-50k

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Nataliia Rud

Nataliia Rud
Business Development manager

Vladimir Terekhov

Vladimir Terekhov

Ivan Mashey

Ivan Mashey

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