Head of the Department
Movewheels is a car shipping company that has been on the US market for over a decade. The customer came to us after the successful implementation of another project some time ago. The goal was to automate the processes for managers and motivate them while cutting costs on SMS and phone calls.
We developed a CRM system with the VoIP integration with the custom interface that is suitable for all the employees. The system also allows for the monitoring of financial flow and motivating the staff by visualizing the current status of managers’ performance.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Cost Saving

Emailing module with the flexible templates and a built-in VoIP save up money and reduce the troubles with the 3-rd party providers.

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Improvement & Automation

Autoquoting eliminates the need for managers to calculate and contact leads about the shipment cost.

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Management Unification

All the information about the phone calls and any messages is available to the respective manager at any time.

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Other modules

  • Lead distribution
  • Online payments
  • Distance measurements
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Core Technologies Used

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Websockets, Redis, Node js

Third-Party Integrations

Twilio, Paypal, Authorize, google distance matrix API, Mapquest, Elasticsearch, Mailgun
The CRM system managed to cut costs on phone calls and messages and eliminate the troubles associated with the usage of external communication methods. Sales managers have received a convenient lead distribution and multiple tools to serve their customers: from conference calls and redirecting calls to mailshots and adjustable follow-ups.

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