A private entrepreneur.
The customer saw the bottlenecks of the healthcare institutions in South America such as human errors, paper drudgery, usage of multiple systems and management tools. So, he decided to come up with a single solution that would automate and optimize the workflow. The goal was to create a system to keep and process all the information regarding patients, staff, inventory, and financial flow. The customer was planning to develop a flexible CRM/HRM/ERP system to introduce it to the chain of clinics in South America.   He came to us because we had already successfully released an isp crm software and a crm for logistics industry.
There was developed an intuitive customer relations management system (CRM) with the ERP and HRM modules to make it fully customizable and fit the typical needs of any hospital or clinic.

The system provides visual information and stores all the required patients’ and doctors’ information in one place. Moreover, it facilitates keeping track of all the payment histories to avoid outstanding balances and helps make sure they have all the needed equipment and medication in stock.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Cost Saving

No need to hire a dedicated person to arrange and take care of the appointments.

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Customer Retention

Patients stay connected because the system gives them the flexibility to choose the time and eliminates the necessity to call.

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Improvement & Automation

No more disintegrated tools and manual appointment making. A lot of unnecessary paperwork was replaced with the system too.

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Management Unification

Most managerial tasks for Inventory, HR, and other departments can be done within one system.

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Other modules

  • Diagnosis tracking
  • Patient
  • Insurance
  • Start the day and sessions
  • Doctor’s appointment list
  • Patient’s appointments
  • Patient’s consulting records
  • Salary and payments
  • Recruitment and other info
  • Consultations and fees reports
  • Payments and invoices reports
  • Email templates
  • Pre-schedule campaigns
  • Auto-responses
  • SMS campaigns and notifications

Core Technologies Used

Databases: MySQL

Backend: PHP
The customer received a user-friendly system with a user-friendly interface that he started to market in South America.
4 Months of development

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Nataliia Rud

Nataliia Rud
Business Development manager

Yulia Deretskaya

Yulia Deretskaya
Business Development manager

Vladimir Terekhov

Vladimir Terekhov

Ivan Mashey

Ivan Mashey

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