Iván Resina Sánchez, Freelance SEO in Seowhite, Barcelona Area, Spain
Health and fitness have been mainstream in the last decade. Ivan has noticed that the modern busy lifestyle makes it hard for people conscious of their health and looks to come up with the various menu that is balanced and truly healthy.    So, Ivan decided to gather a team of nutritionists and create a convenient platform for weekly meal planning according to all the rules of a healthy diet. This website helps save time on creating menus for a set number of people including kids according to the indicated food preferences, facilitates creating grocery shopping lists, and shortens the cooking time.  
Webapp (SaaS) with a landing page have been developed.

The site allows creating individual healthy menus with the ingredients you have selected. It reminds you of the ingredients you should buy based on the number of people included in the plan.

There is also an admin panel for the site owner to allow uploading recipes on his own.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Cost Saving

Automation of the work of nutritionists has allowed saving time and money on the site maintenance.

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Customer Retention

Easy user flow and convenient features make users go back. A mobile-friendly website also increases customers’ engagement and loyalty.

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Improvement & Automation

No more human errors and abundant work on creating the menu. It is now generated automatically based on the strict nutritionists’ rules and certain preferred ingredients.

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Online Presence

The business model is possible when only online. So, the site helped start the business.

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Other modules

  • Admin panel
  • Personal accounts
  • Food preferences
  • Meal change
  • Meal replacement

Core Technologies Used

Databases: MySQL
Backend: PHP (Laravel)
Frontend: Angular
At the moment, the client is expanding the user database to start beta testing and is working on the marketing campaigns while filling in the site with the content.
14 Months of development
The total cost of a similar project from scratch is $10-50k

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Nataliia Rud

Nataliia Rud
Business Development manager

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Vladimir Terekhov

Ivan Mashey

Ivan Mashey

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