The client is an international company from Danmark - HARDI INTERNATIONAL A/S. It aims at meeting the user’s demand for quality products that ensure efficient, timely and accurate application of crop protection products.
The customer had a cross-platform application developed by another team. It was transferred to us for support. However, since the quality of the coding was poor, which made the maintenance work harder, the customer made a decision to develop two separate native apps with our company.
We have made 2 native Android and iOS applications to improve the user experience and provide high-quality information to their customers.

The application allows watching video reviews of the products the company sells, allows app users to see the pdf manuals and instructions, and contains a calculator for selecting the right nozzles for spraying equipment.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Customer Base Increase

The applications allow expanding the audience since they are working globally. This eliminates the borders and provides easier access to the information their clients need.

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Customer Retention

The audience gets all the needed information in one place, which increases their satisfaction by allowing them to pick the goods that meet their expectations and helping them get all the information in the most convenient format - either pdf or a video.

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Other modules

  • Brochures
  • Instruction books
  • Instruction videos
  • Weatherm

Core Technologies Used

iOS - RxSwift
Android - RxKotlin
Back-end - PHP(Laravel)
Front-end - Angular
The applications has been positively accepted by the customers and the customer is planning to develop a website with us. Coming soon...
3 Months of development
Total cost of a similar project from scratch is $10-50k

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