A CEO of Belnet, an Internet service provider who requested development of a CRM for an ISP.
Belnet has been on the telecommunications market since 2006. It provides Internet access to its subscribers at affordable rates. Their goal is to render high-quality services with an individual approach to solving encountered tasks. The company is constantly working on improving and modernizing its software products. So, they decided to develop an ISP billing solution to have a more simple way of managing the personal accounts of subscribers and their own internal business processes - ISP CRM software (aka CRM billing system). So, Belnet decided to develop custom Internet management software for ISP because due to constant expansion, their business processes have grown disintegrated. A lot of time and efforts were made to keep everything going because of using different tools, which made the working process less efficient. So, the client decided to use our development services to create single internet management software for ISP to manage internal processes such as billing, client management, data plans management, statistics, etc.  They were planning to perform digitalization and optimization of most processes like relationships with customers (CRM) and synchronize with the hardware via API (NAS, Radius protocol). They selected us because of our experience in developing other CRM systems like crm shipping, etc.  
The project features a personal account for Internet users where they can choose the data plan and pay online.

It also features a CRM system where a point of connection can be added, data can be edited, a few addresses can be assigned to one user, Internet speed can be monitored and regulated, and access rights can be restricted.

NAS was also integrated as a gateway between the users and the Radius server to reject/accept a user and thus deny/grant them with network access.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Competitive Advantage

The integration of the billing system with the hardware components (Radius servers) makes the system stand out in the market.

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Cost Saving

No missed/overdue payments due to automatic charges applied by the system.

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Customer Retention

The system provides easier access to managing your own account and services.

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Improvement & Automation

The employees are enjoying less manual work, seamless interaction with the hardware without the staff involved.

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Management Unification

Unification of top-up scratch cards creation and distribution; no need to use different management tools such as managing subscribers, monitoring billing periods, changing internet speed for each subscriber.

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Other modules

  • Subscribers management (adding/deleting)
  • Point of Connection Management
  • Data plan management
  • Topping-Up with the generated scratch cards
  • Easy-Pay Integration
  • Subscriber's activity records
  • Subscriber's payment records
  • Balance correction
  • Deferred payment for internet usage
  • Blocking of the Point of connection
  • Google authorization
  • PIN code securing
  • Employees (rights restriction, positions)

Core Technologies Used

Docker, Docker-compose
Databases: Postgres=10
Backend: Python 3.5.7, Django=1.11, DjangoRestFramework=3.7, Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis, Django Suit
Frontend: Vuejs, Gulp, Html, CSS, Less
The minimum viable project has been released by our ISP billing system developers. The project is in the beta stage of testing.
18 Months of development

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