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Wild Atlantic Health

An easy-to-use platform for testing and tracking your health. With the Test Kit Results Module, you can check your vitamin D and omega-3 levels from home, get results from a doctor and access to a personalized supplement recommendations that you can buy in store.

Similar project budget and timeline
$80.000 + 6 months +

About the client

  • Industry: E-commerce, Healthcare
  • Location: Ireland

Justin Plunkett

Creative Director

It has been great working with Attract Group and at a crucial time team bought a very disciplined and systematic approach to our build which added massive value all round. Our team thanks you for your work and we wish you well personally and professionally on your new projects.

Project Features

Test Kit Results Shop Module Agile Admin Panel

Test Kit Results

  • Wild Atlantic is a user-friendly health testing and tracking platform. With the Test Kit Results Module, users can conveniently assess their vitamin D and omega-3 levels from home.
  • They activate the test kit using a unique code, collect a sample of blood, and send it back to a lab for processing.
  • Within 7 working days, they receive results about blood overseen by a medical doctor and gain access to a personalized health panel in the app.
  • The panel provides actionable insights, supplement recommendations, and helps track progress over time.
  • It's an efficient solution for monitoring and improving health.

Shop Module

  • A user-friendly catalog of products for easy browsing and purchasing.
  • Seamless integration with payment systems.
  • Automated email notifications to keep client updated.
  • Subscription feature to manage recurring purchases.
  • Feedback collection system to gather client’s thoughts and suggestions.

Agile Admin Panel

  • We have created an admin panel that allows the administrators to manage the website content and control orders.

Technology Stack










Project results

  • An integration with 3rd party Laboratory that provides the detailed results of the customer's test kits
  • The specific supplement recommendations that are unique for each user depending on his/her blood test results
  • A customized online store of the science-based supplements
  • A seamless integration with the online payments system (Stripe).
  • A delivery tracking system added and a system for consumer reviews delivered
  • The admin panel for managing the website content and controlling orders

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