Sergey Fomin - a founder of Lingua-Airlines
English is an essential skill in the modern world. There are many schools and courses that provide you with the knowledge and skills you need. However, commuting/getting there takes up a lot of precious time for. So, Sergey having experienced this drawback decided to create a platform to make English learning available everywhere at any time and contacted us to help him automate some of his business processes for different departments.
We created a CRM system to facilitate working with the leads, clients and managing their payments; an ERP system for the payroll as well as other internal processes; an HRM system for recruiting and in-house work with the personnel. As a result, managers and business owners received an easy-to-use instrument for business running: many business processes and analytics are transparent and visible. Moreover, teachers and students have received a significant benefit from their personal accounts too.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Improvement & Automation

Financial, sales, and HR processes have been automated and the staff has more time to talk to the customers directly instead of filling our numerous forms and disintegrated reports.

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Management Unification

Integration of CRM, HRM, and ERP systems allows performing key managerial activities in one place.

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Other modules

  • Automated salary calculations
  • Personal schedule creation
  • Visual analytics
  • Translation requests
  • Account managers
  • Notifications

Core Technologies Used

PHP, CodeIgniter, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Third-Party Integrations

Yandex Money, WordPress
The school is a true success. The number of teachers and students is growing.
6 months of development and 5 years of ongoing Maintenance.
Total cost of a similar project from scratch is 50k-100k

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