Embrace a Modern Web Development Team Structure

A dedicated web development team with the skill set and vision necessary can be an invaluable asset to your business and its objectives that are meant to be delivered through the use of technology.

By embracing outsourcing, you can strategically position yourself by offloading concerns such as individual employee costs, accounting for qualifications, and more.

Who Will Comprise Your Dedicated Team of Developers for Hire?

The effectiveness of a web app development team depends on its structure, which means there must be an adequate focus given to who each member of the team is and how they contribute to the overall needs of clients.

When you choose to hire a dedicated team of developers via Attract Group, your company benefits from an optimal composition aimed at delivering value through well-designed web-based solutions.

What does the structure of such a web application development team look like?

Project Manager

This is a classic management role that delivers oversight on just about any kind of development project.

Successful dedicated development teams need this role at the helm to ensure that elements such as the project scope, requirements, task distribution, planning, monitoring, and management of the communication framework are handled. The skills and tasks that such an individual would bring to the table include:

  • Expertise with visualization tools and data analytics
  • Project management experience
  • Organizational, communicative, and interpersonal skills
  • Project roadmap creation
  • Management of interactions with major stakeholders
  • Providing progress reports
  • Work planning and estimation
  • Management of changing requirements
  • Experience with project management tools

Web Developers

Each team member who falls under this umbrella, in reporting to project managers, would be responsible for taking the established project requirements and making them functional websites. Bear in mind that site architecture will consist of a front end and back end, and the dedicated software development team will feature talent that handles both sides of the coin.

The front-end developers will be responsible for the visual elements of web pages. They bring the layout to life in a way that is engaging for viewers through the use of frameworks, dynamic libraries, and scriptwriting.

On the other hand, back-end developers handle the data processing element that happens on the server side. These team members will handle third-party service integration, database interactions, and data processing. The goal of this part of the website development team is to ensure that data is processed efficiently and securely.

Skill sets that are appropriate to this end include:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • React JS
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • .NET

Solution Architects

Solution architects in a dedicated team model will lead the framework establishment in the project. The framework can be seen as the skeleton or the technical blueprint that the developers and designers will work with. This means they will need to be able to:

  • Maintain awareness of different website types
  • Understand different site content, interfaces, design, and architecture types
  • Design a wireframe that accounts for the connectivity of all aspects of the site
  • Draft diagrams that illustrate page relationships

Quality Assurance Analyst

A typical web development team cannot deliver an efficient site that meets business goals without the expertise of a quality assurance engineer. This is where bug detection and alignment with project requirements are at the fore, which means that there’s a close relationship with the developers. The skills and tasks here are:

  • Problem-solving
  • Understanding of UX design and usability best practices
  • Experience with tools for debugging and testing
  • Exceptional attention to details
  • Bug documentation and reporting
  • Understand and conduct different test types

UX/UI Designers

To some extent, UX designers are direction setters in the dedicated development team model. This role requires project requirement analysis alongside the target audience to gain an understanding of the complete picture.

This means identifying user difficulties and needs, then solving them through the use of good design principles. Doing this expertly demands the following:

  • Ability to use prototyping and graphic design tools
  • Fundamental front-end development technology understanding
  • Great communication and analytical skills
  • User-centric design principle and technique proficiency
  • Communicate design to both tech teams and key stakeholders

Why an Outsourced Web Development Team Is Optimal

A good web development team is not only one that comprises the roles highlighted above. Such a team must have the appropriate skills and synergy required to meet the established deliverables.

Attempting to build this in-house means taking the responsibility to ensure that this is the case, while accounting for the needs that come along with such a team of experts. This could include infrastructure, utilities, benefits packages, salaries, etc.

For a streamlined payment, you are guaranteed that all these have already been taken care of, meaning you are simply buying into the functionality of the unit.

The Attract Group Difference

While our web development team structure may be akin to others on the market, we guarantee excellent deliverability in our web projects thanks to:

  • Fast team allocation
  • High efficiency
  • Value-driven development
  • Targeted customer approaches
  • Long term support
  • Proper team management

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some of the Typical Pitfalls I Will Avoid if I Hire a Web Development Team?

You get to avoid the guesswork of the hiring process, dealing with teams that do not synergize, and handling company responsibilities to employees.

Will an Outsourced Unit Integrate with My Business Like an in-house Team Would?

Yes. Attract Group’s approach allows us to assimilate into your current structure as if we were simply an extension of the existing team.

How Is Intellectual Property Treated During the Development Process?

We understand the value of confidentiality and the nuances of intellectual property. This is one of our top priorities, which is why our agreement will account for this.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team?

There are many to consider, but some of the primary ones would be:

  • Team synergy
  • Optimal project deliverability
  • Avoidance of staff overhead
  • Guaranteed expertise

What Desirable Characteristics Should a Dedicated Web Development Team Have?

If a team is to deliver web projects according to established standards, it must have the following characteristics:

  • Adequate qualifications
  • Verifiable experience
  • Communicative capabilities
  • Team-based problem-solving approach
  • A clear sense of direction
  • Engaged team members

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