The Importance of Security in Your Web Application Development Service: Common Threats and Vulnerabilities

Creating web apps can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business. With the right web application development service, you’ll be able to come up with an intuitive, fun, and creative platform where your target audience can learn more about your brand and what it offers.

However, if you don’t hire the right web app developers, you could get exposed to different risks that may affect your internal security. Understanding what these threats and vulnerabilities are will help you choose the right web app development company in the future.

Today, you’ll learn common security threats and vulnerabilities you can go experience when developing a web application.

Why Is Security in Your Web App So Important?

Thanks to the technological improvements we see each year, all businesses have access to a wide range of tools to reach out to more people online. One of the best tools to consider is a web app.

However, developing a web app often comes with many security risks that, if not addressed, could lead to issues like:

  • Lost Data
  • Corrupted Internal Files
  • Stolen Customer Data

By hiring custom web application development services, you ensure you’ll get any security concerns addressed before the website goes live, ensuring your (and your customer’s) information is as safe as it can be.

In essence, web app development services will make sure your website doesn’t have any vulnerabilities when it launches. Even though several of those vulnerabilities are not hard to identify, there are a few that you may not notice without the help of a professional web development company.

If you’re worried about the security of your company (and you should be), you should consider talking to a web application development company for guidance on what to do.

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Common Security Threats and Vulnerabilities When Developing Web Apps

Let’s take a look at a few issues that you may come across when developing native or progressive web apps. Regardless of the one you’re working with, you must ensure you get these problems sorted before you launch it.

Login Data Vulnerability

Your web app should encourage people to use complex passwords or smart authentication methods to avoid vulnerabilities. 

Even though asking people to create a strong password may not always work, you can get your web application development companies to set 2FA or a one-time generated code to make their accounts more secure.

Weak Encryption Algorithms

Your sensitive data should always be heavily encrypted. Otherwise, your web app could be vulnerable to many attacks. Common tips to follow here include deleting obsolete data, creating long and safe encryption keys, using secure HTTPS protocols, and more.

Faulty Authentication Platform

A weak authentication platform will open the door to many hackers who may want to intercept users when they try to log in. 

Custom web application development services will allow you to set up a solid platform that will not expose anyone to attacks and will send warnings to those users who experience many authentication failures in a row.

Poor Access Restrictions

On many occasions, errors when coding your web applications could leave the window open for people to get full access to your sensitive data. If you don’t want hackers to bypass authorization processes and get administrative control over your web apps, then make sure you hire a professional app development company.

Injection Attacks

These happen when someone sends a “malicious” SQL query to a vulnerable website. In other words, the website receives unverified data from the hacker and validates it, giving them full access to the database’s records and files.

Fake Log Entries

This problem comes from unstructured logging. Here, the attacker can either inject malicious code into the event log or write fake entries, which can lead to different security threats.

Unauthorized Website Redirects

Most web applications work with redirects or forwards. However, if you don’t check your existing redirects or use static addresses, attackers can forward users to malicious websites that aren’t related to yours, and there, they can steal their data.

Cross-Site Scripting and Cross-Site Request Forgeries

These are two common types of web development vulnerabilities that can lead to severe consequences. Cross-site scripting (XSS) is an attack that attempts to intercept a person’s logging attempt to get their information. There, they will be able to access all their sensitive information within the app. 

On the other hand, cross-site request forgeries (CSRFs) happen when an attacker intercepts a vulnerable website and generates a request from the user’s browser, which the website may consider genuine.

This can lead to the attacker stealing a person’s cookies, files, and other sensitive data that may be in the app.

How Do You Choose the Right Web Developers for Your Business?

As you can see, vulnerabilities in web applications are scary for anyone, but they’re not impossible to avoid. With custom web app development services, you ensure that your data is always safe and away from any potential attacks.

Now, how do you know you’re hiring the right web application developers? There are so many of them that making a decision could take you a long time. 

Here are some tips you should keep in mind before requesting any web development service for your business:

  • Define exactly what you need from your web app development process.
  • Hire professionals with previous experience with what you need.
  • Consider experts who are more flexible with their work.
  • Assess your budget before signing any contract.
  • Evaluate your project’s management process, timescales, future support, and maintenance.
  • Define ownership of the web app once the project’s done.
  • Make sure to work with people that use the highest-end resources and tools to ensure a safer platform.

Get Started with Professional Web Application Development Services Today!

Hiring the right people to work on scalable web applications will get you great results down the road. If you want things to get even better, make sure to hire a team that can work with both web and mobile platforms. Mobile apps are popular alternatives to web apps that can make the customer experience even better, which can translate into more sales or conversions.

Before you start your web app development process, remember to hire the right company; that way, you’ll achieve the goals you set fast.

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