Using Flutter App Development Services? Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Do It

Both startup entrepreneurs and scaleup company owners should consider learning more about Flutter app development services and all the benefits they can bring to their businesses.

Although it’s relatively young compared to other alternatives offering cross-platform solutions, this technology is promising.

Read on to learn about its benefits and the top reasons why you should hire a Flutter app development agency.

What Is Flutter?

Before delving into the benefits you can get from using Flutter app development services, it’s important to understand the technology.

Flutter is an open-source framework and user interface (UI) software development kit (SDK) designed and supported by Google.

It was officially launched in 2017 as the first significant attempt by a large corporation to leave platform-specific solutions behind. As a result, Flutter app developers were able to create compelling software solutions suitable for mobile OSs.

In 2021, Google released Flutter 2.0 – a version that supports desktop application development and significantly broadens opportunities and solutions for developers.

In other words, Flutter supports desktop and mobile development, so you can create Windows, Linux, macOS, Google Fuchsia, Android, and iOS apps.

11 Reasons You Should Adopt Flutter App Development

As mentioned, Flutter brings countless benefits to businesses, including the following:

1. Reduced App Development Period

With Flutter, programmers can save time at every stage of the software engineering process, whether building UI or testing.

This technology offers ready-made widgets to help developers optimize the app development process by skipping time-consuming steps. In addition, its SDK includes a hot reload that addresses time loss while sending a ready-made solution to test devices.

2. Consistent Business Logic and Interface Across Different Platforms

Flutter has a unique feature that makes this technology stand out among other frameworks: It allows developers to create mobile software running on different platforms using the same UI and logic.

Also, since Flutter works directly with a canvas, you don’t need more platform-specific UI elements.

3. Better Performance Compared To Native Applications

Developers who really care about performance can also rely on Flutter. Those who have used this technology compare the process with native app development. Most claim the apps created with this open-source perform just as well as native solutions.

However, Flutter doesn’t require additional mediator code representatives to interact with the machine code. As a result, this framework removes interpretation bugs and boosts performance.

4. Shorter Time-to-Market

As another great advantage, Flutter promises a twice shorter time-to-market period. Programmers using this app development solution can create a single codebase for multiple platforms.

In addition, developers can create an interface for optimized performance during visual adjustment procedures thanks to Flutter’s declarative API.

5. Custom Platform-Specific Widgets

Flutter also provides multiple platform-specific widgets for developers who need to follow specific Material Design or Cupertino design guidelines.

Additionally, engineers can customize each widget in terms of color, shadow manipulations, shape, clipping, element transitions, and more.

6. Clear Platform-Specific Feature Implementation

When using Flutter, developers can enjoy the same opportunities offered by native SDKs. In addition, some are implemented as platform-specific plugins, such as permission handling, Bluetooth access, and gathering sensor data. Therefore, engineers can build them into their own solutions.

7. Unique Rendering Engine

This framework also has a particular rendering engine that supports its multiple features. Flutter uses Skia, which renders on a platform-provided canvas in order to simplify and accelerate mobile development processes.

8. Desktop App Development Supported

As mentioned, you can now use Flutter to create more than just an Android app. Google already unveiled version 2.0 of this framework, which supports desktop application programming.

Now, Flutter developers can create cross-platform apps and universal solutions for devices using iOS and Android, as well as for Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops. The best part? You only need a single code base.

9. Startup-Friendly Pricing

Developing mobile apps may cost thousands of dollars, but most startups don’t have a huge budget to pay for these services.

However, Flutter is one of the most attractive cross-platform app development frameworks thanks to its affordable price. Furthermore, it’s intuitive, easy to use, and offers a shorter time-to-market.

Therefore, it’s a win-win solution for entrepreneurs who want to launch their bold idea to the market but have a modest budget.

10. Google’s Plans to Make Fuchsia OS a Giant

Flutter allows you to create and launch an app development project on Fuchsia OS. Right now, it doesn’t seem like a powerful feature.

However, Google has announced plans to make Fuchsia a new market giant alongside the market’s leading OSs: iOS and Android.

Since Fuchsia OS was designed as an open-source project for Flutter-built applications, forecasts and perspectives are optimistic and promising.

11. Compiled Code for Boosted Performance

Another significant difference between Flutter and other frameworks is that it compiles its code if the application is rolled out. As a result, this technology offers enhanced performance.

Also, Flutter avoids JavaScript or web-view engagement. Instead, it addresses a canvas directly and ensures up to 10 FPS performance on almost all devices.

Other Benefits of Working with a Flutter Mobile App Development Company

Besides the advantages already mentioned, Flutter also offers the following:

  • Easy access to the original codebase for your app development project
  • Migration of your existing app into Flutter
  • Consistent user experience on multiple platforms
  • An active and ever-growing community of developers with many resources to help businesses overcome challenges

Potential Drawbacks

While Flutter is an attractive solution with many advantages, you could also face a few issues if you use this technology, including the following:

  • Flutter apps are different from native apps in terms of appearance.
  • As it’s young, many companies don’t fully trust Flutter.
  • There are functionality limitations.
  • You need native SDK knowledge to use Flutter.
  • New platform-specific features may arrive late.

Final Thoughts: Should You Hire a Flutter App Development Company?

As you can see, this framework offers multiple benefits for your business, whether you run a startup or your company has been operating for years.

Furthermore, the long-term perspective for Flutter is also promising due to Google’s plans to take Fuchsia OS to the next level.

Therefore, if you think this technology can help you achieve your business goals, you should hire Flutter app developers.

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