Top 50 Places to Find the Best Mobile App Development Company

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The mobile app industry is experiencing significant growth and is expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023. Mobile app usage has been trending upwards for many years, with consumers spending 85% of their time on smartphones in apps. By 2025, consumer app spending may reach over $270 billion (source). The combined number of mobile apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store is expected to exceed 5.7 million (source). This growth presents significant opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to develop custom software solutions and innovative mobile applications.

However, building successful mobile apps requires specialized expertise. While many companies attempt to develop apps in-house, working with an experienced mobile app development company often delivers the best results. But finding the right partner can feel overwhelming given the crowded marketplace.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key considerations for choosing a mobile app developer and provide 50 of the top places to discover talented mobile teams. With the strategies outlined below, you can confidently identify a mobile partner poised to bring your app vision to life.

Types of Mobile Development Companies

Types of Mobile Development Companies

The mobile app development ecosystem encompasses a diverse range of company types. Understanding the core distinctions can helpnarrow your search.

Boutique Agencies

  • Smaller teams of 5-20 developers
  • Specialize in specific industries or app types
  • Offer highly customized service and attention
  • Ideal for startups and smaller projects
  • Examples: FueledWillowTree

Mid-size Companies

  • Larger talent pool of 50-250 developers
  • Increased bandwidth for complex projects
  • Expanded capabilities and technical expertise
  • Able to scale teams and solutions
  • Examples: ArcTouch, Attract Group.

Enterprise-level Firms

  • 500+ developers worldwide
  • End-to-end IT and infrastructure services
  • Offer one-stop-shop capabilities
  • Equipped to manage large initiatives
  • Examples: InfosysHCL

Matching project scope and needs to company size is an important starting point for your search.

50 Places to Find Mobile App Development Companies

Places to Find Mobile App Development Companies

When searching for a mobile partner, casting a wide net is key. Here are 50 of the top spots to discover talented app developers:

Online Directories

  1. Clutch – Reviews and rankings for top app developers
  2. GoodFirms – Database of vetted companies globally
  3. – Directory of verified service providers
  4. Extract – Features and filters app dev firms by skills
  5. Sortlist – Find local agencies for your project
  6. TopDevelopers – Leading mobile app development companies
  7. – List of top app developers
  8. SuperbCompanies – Reviews and lists of iOS & Android developers
  9. FindBestWeb – Web & app dev listings with client reviews

Freelance Platforms

  1. Toptal – Freelance developers fully vetted and matched to projects
  2. Upwork – World’s largest freelance network with robust profiles
  3. Guru – Skilled independent app developers for hire
  4. PeoplePerHour – Freelancers and agencies big and small
  5. Fiverr – Affordable freelancers, search mobile app category
  6. G2 – Software development services and freelancer marketplace
  7. Freelancer – Bid on projects or browse freelancer profiles
  8. Flexiple – Top 1% of freelance developers screened
  9. – Highly skilled freelance developers
  10. Truelancer – Developing world freelancers at affordable rates

Social Media Groups

  1. LinkedIn Groups – Various mobile app dev groups to join
  2. Facebook Groups – Search groups relevant to app development
  3. Reddit – Subreddits like r/mobileapps, r/androiddev, etc
  4. Discord – Explore Discord servers for app designers/devs
  5. Github – Connect with developers via public repositories
  6. Dribbble – Discover designers and obtain referrals

Industry Events

  1. Meetup – Find local Meetup groups related to mobile dev
  2. Conferences – Attend mobile-focused conferences like App Promotion Summit
  3. Hackathons – Sponsor hackathons for access to developers
  4. Eventbrite – Check Eventbrite and local tech calendars


  1. Clients & Partners – Ask business contacts for referrals
  2. Investors – Utilize investor networks and portfolio companies
  3. Incubators/Accelerators – Connect with local startup programs
  4. Coworking Spaces – Network with other professionals and teams
  5. Alumni Groups – Leverage your alumni network
  6. Meet with Company Reps – Have intro calls to assess team fit

Job Sites

  1. AngelList – Job board and profiles for startups and tech talent
  2. FlexJobs – Job site with flexible and remote work options
  3. We Work Remotely – Find and contact remote app developers
  4. – Job board for quality remote developers worldwide
  5. Jobspresso – Developer profiles searchable by location/skills
  6. JustRemote – Remote workers seeking freelance and contract roles

Staffing Agencies

  1. Toptal – Top 3% of freelance developers screened and managed
  2. Gigster – Teams built specifically for your projects
  3. Abstract – Premier network of vetted remote developers
  4. Crossover – Recruit from global pool of remote tech talent
  5. X-Team – Teams of developers available for contract work
  6. Andela – Skilled developers from emerging markets


  1. Kaggle – Host a competition tailored to your app needs
  2. Topcoder – Crowdsourced development solutions
  3. Freelancer Contests – Post contests for freelancers to bid on

This extensive list provides numerous options to help connect with skilled mobile developers aligned to your project needs.

Key Considerations Before Choosing a Company

Key Considerations Before Choosing a Company

As you evaluate potential mobile partners, keep these key factors in mind:

Budget Constraints

  • Carefully consider project budget and timeframe
  • Weigh value of quality versus cost savings
  • Get quotes from shortlist of 3-5 companies

Technical Expertise

  • Review portfolio for relevant platforms and integrations
  • Ensure design and development capabilities align
  • Ask about testing, maintenance and future support
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Project Timeline

  • Discuss expected development roadmap and milestones
  • Look for Agile approach with flexibility
  • Confirm capacity for your launch timeframe
  • Ask about maintaining updates post-launch

Vetting development partners on these criteria will help surface the team best equipped to build your app successfully.

Introducing the Video: 5 Key Aspects in Finding The Top Mobile App Development Company

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile technology, finding the right mobile app development company is more crucial than ever. The video we’re about to delve into outlines five key aspects you should consider when making this important decision. From identifying your app’s requirements and goals to scrutinizing reviews and ratings, this video serves as a comprehensive guide. It even touches on the often-overlooked factors like communication, collaboration, and transparent costing. So, before you take the plunge into the mobile app development journey, take a few minutes to watch this video. It could be the difference between an app that sinks and one that soars.

How to Vet a Mobile Development Company

Once you’ve compiled a list of prospective app developers, conducting due diligence is critical before making a final selection.

Portfolio Review

  • Scrutinize their portfolio of past work
  • Look for apps similar to your needs in design and function
  • Check apps across platforms like iOS, Android, web, etc
  • Try demo apps to test user experience firsthand

Client Testimonials

  • Read through client reviews and testimonials
  • Contact references to learn about their experience
  • Ask for metrics on KPIs and ROI from previous projects
  • Inquire about the development process and team collaboration

Technical Interviews

  • Interview key members of the potential team
  • Assess technical capabilities and communication skills
  • Discuss technical approach and architecture planned
  • Get details on quality assurance and testing processes
  • Ask about scalability, maintenance and future support

Conducting in-depth vetting protects against partnering with a company that looks good on the surface but can’t deliver on your vision.

Why Mobile Development is Crucial

Why Mobile Development is Crucial

Before diving into where to look, it’s important to understand why investing in mobile development is so critical in today’s market.

Importance of Mobile Apps in Business

  • Apps enable direct user engagement and feedback loops
  • Mobile apps support brand awareness and discoverability
  • Apps provide data and customer insights to optimize products/services
  • Mobile ordering, payments and services improve convenience and conversions

User Engagement Metrics

  • App Annie reports the average US user spends 4 hours per day in apps
  • 90% of mobile time is spent in apps vs mobile websites
  • Apps account for 75% of digital media consumption time
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Revenue Generation Through Mobile Apps

  • In-app ads and payments account for huge revenue streams
  • App store optimization and downloads drive sales of other products
  • Mobile apps collect customer data to refine sales funnels

In summary, mobile apps are now mandatory for competitive brands. Partnering with app developers skilled in your industry and business goals is key to maximizing this crucial channel.


Finding the right mobile app development company is a multifaceted process that requires careful research and evaluation. Defining your app goals, budget, timeline and technical needs lays the groundwork for a successful search.

Don’t leave your app vision to chance

With a robust list of prospective developers in hand, analyzing portfolios, testimonials, capabilities and communication skills helps identify the teams best equipped to bring your vision to life. Aligning with a partner that offers the right blend of technical excellence, industry experience and cultural fit can elevate your app to success.

While the crowded marketplace makes choosing challenging, taking the time to thoroughly vet options offers huge long-term dividends. The strategies and resources outlined above aim to equip you to find a mobile app developer ready to tackle your project with skill, passion and insight. With the right partner, you can confidently bring your mobile innovation to market, backed by the expertise needed to meet goals and drive results.

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So don’t leave your app vision to chance. Follow these steps to connect with your dream team and unlock the full potential of mobile. Mastering this crucial channel will forge lasting bonds with customers, open new revenue streams and cement your competitive edge for the future.

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