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At Attract Group,

we offer a full spectrum

of iOS application development services to meet the diverse needs of the Apple ecosystem. Our expert team of iOS developers guides your project from initial concept to final launch, delivering exceptional solutions for a wide range of Apple devices.


App Development

As a leading iOS mobile app development company, we create cutting-edge applications tailored for iPhones. Our custom iOS app development services ensure your app leverages the latest iPhone features and provides an unparalleled user experience.


App Development

Our iOS development agency specializes in creating robust and intuitive apps optimized for iPad’s larger screen. We utilize the device’s unique capabilities to deliver powerful, feature-rich applications that enhance productivity and engagement.

Apple Watch

App Development

Extend your digital presence to wearables with our Apple Watch app development services. Our iOS app development solutions for watchOS create seamless experiences that complement your main iOS application.

Apple TV

App Development

Expand your reach to the big screen with our custom Apple TV app development. Our iOS application development company crafts immersive experiences designed specifically for the tvOS platform.

Custom iOS Solutions

for Enterprise

Our iOS development services cater to businesses of all sizes, with a focus on creating scalable, secure, and efficient enterprise solutions that streamline operations and boost productivity.

At Attract Group,

our iOS mobile application development

is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative apps across all Apple platforms. Let our experienced team bring your iOS app vision to life.


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Our iOS App

Dev Solutions

Custom iOS App Development

We specialize in custom iOS app development for businesses, leveraging the latest technologies to create robust, scalable solutions aligned with your needs.

iOS UI/UX Design and Development

We prioritize exceptional user experiences in our iOS app development, crafting visually stunning interfaces that adhere to Apple’s guidelines and stand out in the App Store.

Enterprise iOS Solutions

We specialize in creating powerful enterprise-grade iOS applications that streamline business processes, enhance productivity, and ensure secure, scalable solutions with robust backend development and advanced security.

Cross-Platform Development for iOS

While specializing in native iOS development, our agency also provides cost-effective cross-platform solutions using React Native or Flutter, ensuring seamless functionality across iOS and Android.

iOS App Testing and Quality Assurance

Quality is paramount in our iOS app development, with rigorous testing across devices and versions ensuring top performance, security, and user experience through comprehensive functional, usability, performance testing, and security audits.

iOS App Integration and API Development

Our iOS development includes seamless integration of third-party services and custom APIs, ensuring smooth communication and cohesive user experiences with robust security and scalability.

Discovery and Planning

UI/UX Design




Maintenance & Support


Our iOS

Development Process


Discovery and Planning

Our iOS app development service starts with a thorough discovery phase to analyze your business needs and define the app's scope, features, and functionality.


UI/UX Design

As a leading iOS development company, we prioritize user-centric design, creating intuitive, visually appealing interfaces that align with Apple's guidelines and your brand identity.



Our iOS development services use Swift and Objective-C, following agile methodologies and best coding practices to ensure clean, efficient, and scalable code.


Testing & Quality Assurance

Our iOS development ensures rigorous testing across devices and OS versions for top performance and user experience, meeting Apple's quality standards.



We manage the entire App Store submission process for your iOS app, preparing assets, screenshots, and metadata to meet Apple's guidelines and ensuring approval and successful launch.


Ongoing Support and Maintenance

As a full-service iOS mobile app development company, we offer ongoing support, maintenance, bug fixes, updates, and analytics integration post-launch to enhance app performance and user experience.





Technologies We Use

React Native

Powering Your iOS App

with Next-Gen Technologies

As a leading iOS app development company, we harness the power of emerging technologies to create innovative, high-value applications. Our expertise allows us to simplify complexities, expedite development, and turn your app vision into reality.

AI & Machine Learning

Transform your business with advanced AI and ML solutions. Our iOS development services leverage artificial intelligence to automate processes, drive innovation, and unlock new opportunities.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect devices, sensors, and data analytics seamlessly with our IoT-based iOS development. Streamline operations, gain insights, and make informed decisions through big data analysis.

Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Create immersive experiences that captivate users. Our AR/VR integration enhances brand awareness and drives business growth through cutting-edge iOS applications.

Cloud Integration

Develop scalable, custom cloud solutions without extensive infrastructure investments. Our cloud services cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring flexibility and performance.

Blockchain Technology

Enhance data security and protect against breaches with blockchain integration. Our custom iOS app development ensures data integrity and authorized access to sensitive information.

Metaverse Development

Stand out in the competitive market with metaverse iOS app development. We specialize in creating captivating virtual environments that push the boundaries of mobile experiences.

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Aleks Ilnitskiy
Owner of Beqa Lagoon Resort

Attract Group redesigned, added new features, and integrated a booking engine along with content creation & SEO. They’re a team of experts that works well with minimal guidance and details due to effective communication through their project manager.

Aleks Ilnitskiy
Owner of Beqa Lagoon Resort

Attract Group redesigned, added new features, and integrated a booking engine along with content creation & SEO. They’re a team of experts that works well with minimal guidance and details due to effective communication through their project manager.

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FAQs about Cross-Platform

Application Development Services

Cross-platform app development is the process of creating mobile applications that can run on multiple operating systems (like iOS and Android) using a single codebase. This approach allows developers to write code once and deploy it across different platforms, saving time and resources.

We utilize popular frameworks such as React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin, depending on project requirements. These technologies allow us to create high-performance, native-like applications for multiple platforms.

Development time varies based on the app’s complexity and features. Generally, cross-platform development is faster than native development. A simple app might take 2-3 months, while more complex projects could take 4-6 months or more.

Modern cross-platform frameworks have significantly improved performance. While there can be slight differences, well-developed cross-platform apps can offer performance very close to native apps for most use cases.

Yes, we offer app migration services to convert your existing native apps into cross-platform solutions, helping you reduce maintenance costs and streamline future updates.

We implement robust security measures including data encryption, secure API integration, and adherence to platform-specific security guidelines. We also conduct regular security audits and updates.

Cross-platform apps are suitable for various industries including e-commerce, healthcare, finance, education, entertainment, and more. They’re particularly beneficial for businesses looking to reach a wide audience cost-effectively.

Yes, modern cross-platform frameworks allow access to most device-specific features like camera, GPS, and push notifications through plugins and native modules.

Our design process focuses on creating interfaces that adapt to platform-specific guidelines while maintaining brand consistency. We thoroughly test on various devices to ensure a uniform, high-quality user experience.

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