How to Hire Flutter App Developers

Flutter app development is booming. This versatile framework has outpaced React Native to become the top choice for software experts in 2021. Today, 42% of developers worldwide use Flutter, and the benefits for companies range from higher efficiency to shorter time to market. Businesses of all sizes expand their reach in a cost-effective way thanks to Google’s cross-platform UI kit.

The cornerstone of this success is the single code base for Android, iOS, web, and desktop applications — five OS and six platforms in total! Professionals can create powerful and reliable apps quickly, with less time and effort. Faster app building, ease of integration, high performance, and flexible UI are some of the biggest strengths of this framework, which is also ideal for MVP development.

Flutter lets companies deliver a high-end experience to their customers across popular platforms. They build powerful, scalable, and feature-packed apps at affordable prices. To unlock Flutter’s potential for your business, you can hire experts locally or find talent abroad. Follow our guide to choosing the best team and engagement model for your project. Here is how to hire a Flutter app developer in 2022 and not regret it.

Reasons to Hire Flutter Developers

Flutter, which was launched by Google in 2017, is superior to Facebook’s React Native in terms of performance, compatibility, and costs. Aside from its open-source nature and ease of use, it has a plethora of widgets, APIs, and other tools for development, testing, and integration. The unified code benefits both developers and their clients. Flutter is “eye candy” for businesses of any size due to:

1Faster Development

Flutter accelerates time to market thanks to the universality of the code and powerful features like widgets and hot reload. Flutter app developers can create fully functional apps for multiple platforms faster without sacrificing quality. Reusable widgets eliminate the need for complex third-party libraries or individual adjustment of UI properties like colors and styling. Hot reload accelerates prototyping, debugging, and deployment.

A Flutter mobile app developer can apply changes (get rid of bugs, experiment with UI, or add features) quickly without losing the current state of the app. As these edits are rendered instantly, collaboration with designers is more efficient. They see any suggested changes immediately and act accordingly.

Finally, as the apps on different platforms behave similarly based on the same code, less testing is required. To ensure smooth performance, developers may test their products only once. As a result, companies start marketing their apps sooner. If you hire an app developer for your startup, you can get an early-bird advantage at the app store.

2Reduced Development Costs

Due to the shorter development stage and time to market, Flutter apps are also cost-effective. Their cross-platform logic simplifies the process in many ways. For example, fewer automated tests (50% less in the iOS + Android scenario) reduce demand on QA.

Just one codebase is enough to develop and launch an app across six platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and web apps for popular browsers). Companies can hire just one team to complete the work of six! This makes Flutter particularly beneficial for startups whose budgets are too tight for native solutions.

3Support of Website Development

Although Flutter was initially launched as a mobile-focused framework for iOS and Android, it now supports the web. Developers can create powerful PWAs (progressive web apps) whose interactive functionality is similar to native apps. In recent years, Google has been actively supporting this technology.

Experts note that Flutter works particularly well for content-centric websites with a lot of dynamic design elements. Flutter developers can build rich, interactive UI. As you can see from the pie charts below, users are more loyal to websites that work as PWAs:

Flutter Developer Responsibilities

Since the Flutter framework is so versatile, developers leverage their expertise across platforms. Organizations need to understand their responsibilities to develop realistic expectations. Here are 5 key aspects covered by a typical job description:

1Developing Apps for Android, iOS, and Websites (if Necessary)

Flutter experts must be adept at developing and designing cross-platform apps of different complexity. This includes following the expected design, integrating custom animation, writing clean code, foreseeing any possible bugs, and other tasks.

Easily readable and understandable code is an essential part of the development process. It facilitates rapid scaling, as the software development team needs less time to comprehend the methodology. Clean coding also helps to take references for app development.

Code optimization is another crucial skill. Both Android and iOS apps require careful balancing of performance against the mobile processing power and battery life. Customers expect highly fluid and smooth interfaces with rich animation even on smaller screens.

2Fixing Bugs and Errors

The ability to predict imperfections helps developers fix any errors, glitches, and bugs more quickly and easily. This also requires effective collaboration with the QA department. Every development phase must be followed by tests. Once the QA team detects malfunctions, the developers start working on the fixes.

A Flutter developer for hire must keep track of innovations and changing trends in app development. Learning never stops. Since its launch in 2017, Flutter has already seen three major enhancements. Without staying updated, it is impossible to deliver the best possible result.

Flutter development, like software development in general, is constantly evolving. A successful developer does not need external motivation to engage with new technologies and be innovative. They are focused on the continuous improvement of their knowledge and results. Flutter experts are constantly searching for novel tools and methods to enhance the app architecture.

4Being Engaged in the Development Life Cycle

Developers must follow the app life cycle and remain fully involved to ensure smooth transition from one stage to another. This is crucial, as the development process is always a team endeavor. Developers must collaborate with other experts (UI/UX designers, project managers, QA engineers, etc.) to get the best results.

Hire Flutter app developers who are strong team players with the ability to think on their feet. The process of creating an app does not always go as planned. Sometimes, it may become more demanding — for example, due to specification changes or bottlenecks with third-party integrations. Such situations require adaptations so the team can still reach its goals.

5Researching New Technologies for Faster Development

Aside from following the trends in Flutter development, professionals investigate and implement advancements that speed up their work. The IT industry is evolving rapidly, and new opportunities to expand and improve app design are appearing all the time. Identifying and incorporating better tools and technologies for fast development is one of the key competencies.

Necessary Skills for a Flutter Developer

Developers work in a collaborative setting, so assessing their technical background is not enough. Aside from developing and testing software, these experts need to form strong professional relationships and engage in meaningful interactions with their teammates. Companies should pay attention to two skill sets:

Hard Skills

During job interviews, the first group of questions concerns technical background and expertise. Aside from knowledge of computer science, networking, and app architecture, a candidate should demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of Dart (Flutter’s programming language)
  • Relevant experience with and in-depth understanding of the framework
  • Knowledge of GetX, MobX or any other approach of state management
  • Experience with Android and iOS mobile app development
  • Experience with Git (version control software)
  • Experience using native programming languages (Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS)
  • Experience with GoF design patterns
  • Knowledge of SQL (programming language for databases)
  • Knowledge of the Agile and Waterfall methodologies

The last two are models of the development life cycle. The Waterfall approach is a linear sequence of steps, while Agile is built on iteration. Understanding these methodologies is crucial for effective teamwork in any Flutter app development company. Agile is particularly effective for large projects:

Soft Skills

Interpersonal skills help a developer communicate and collaborate with other members of dedicated Flutter teams and achieve shared goals. Aside from teamwork and communication, pay attention to adaptability, dedication, and conflict management. An eligible candidate is:

  • An Excellent Problem Solver
    Software developers may encounter setbacks and complications that hinder progress. They must be able to look at the situation objectively and find effective solutions on their own.
  • A Creative Analyst
    Software developers may encounter setbacks and complications that hinder progress. They must be able to look at the situation objectively and find effective solutions on their own.
  • A Strong Team Player
    As we have mentioned, Flutter development is a collaborative effort. The ability to effectively cooperate with designers, project managers, and other colleagues is mandatory.
  • An Excellent Communicator
    Effective communication is an indispensable part of app development. Experts must get their ideas across concisely, bring up issues as soon as they arise, and help the flow of team discussions. They build strong relationships with colleagues, generate ideas, resolve conflicts, and discover solutions through dialogue and brainstorming.

How to Hire Flutter Developers

Aside from experience and skills, businesses need to consider the location, hourly rates, and availability of their candidates. Three engagement models exist: hiring in-house experts, contacting freelancers, and hiring outsource Flutter developers. Exclusive platforms connecting companies to candidates facilitate the search for local and offshore talent.

Should you outsource or hire in-house employees? Each approach has strengths and limitations depending on the project. Learn how to hire Flutter app developers from your country and other locations.

1Outsourcing Companies

Depending on their region, companies can find the best candidates in offshore (distant) or nearshore (neighboring) locations. Hiring outsource Flutter developers gives quick access to suitable talent and lets them hire experts on a contract basis. Reputable providers ensure timely project delivery and smooth communication regardless of time zone differences. They may be found on platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms.

By outsourcing to a region with a lower Flutter developer hourly rate, your company will reduce costs. Generally, the rates are the highest in North America. The cheapest services are found in India and South American countries, such as Brazil. In recent years, Ukraine has become one of the prime destinations thanks to its vast talent pool and high quality of Flutter app development services.

So, how much does it cost to hire a Flutter developer? Here is how the average hourly rates compare by region:

Average hourly rate
North America (e.g., the USA)
Western Europe (e.g., the UK)
Eastern Europe (e.g., Ukraine)
South America (e.g., Brazil)


A freelance Flutter developer for hire may be paid by the hour or per task. Companies can use freelancing platforms to find experts for a project or assignment at a minimal cost. As the developers work without direct supervision, coordination with in-house teams may be difficult, particularly if the freelancers are in another time zone or speak another language. Upwork and Fiverr are two of the biggest sources of freelance talent.

3In-house Development Team

This scenario is the most expensive and time-consuming. It is not always possible to hire Flutter developers locally, as the talent pool in your area may be scarce. In-house developers also expect higher salaries than freelancers, regardless of the workload. They require the same perks as the rest of your staff (medical insurance, paid vacation time, etc.). Finally, the company may need to pay for hardware, software licenses, internet access, electricity, etc.

On the upside, you get a team that is fully committed and always available to make adjustments. For example, once your app is up and running, you can hire a dedicated Flutter developer who will work on further improvements. The most popular platforms for full-time and part-time recruitment include LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

Hire Flutter Developers: Conclusion

Although Flutter has only been around since 2017, it is the leading toolkit for app developers. By partnering with a strong team, your business will engage customers across multiple platforms with less effort, time, and investment required. Choose the leading outsourcing destinations to reduce the cost to hire Flutter app developers and access the best talent. Maximize your reach and gain new revenue streams for your brand by embracing this powerful framework!

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