Brent Skipper from Dothan, Alabama Area - an entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO of Headhunter Inc.
Recruiters and hiring managers normally spend hours looking through online job applicants to fill the vacancies. They come across different dry descriptions of skills and experience candidates have without any personalization. Arranging a preliminary interview just to find out the applicant does not fit the company due to the personality mismatch can be very time-consuming and frustrating. So, Brent came to us with an idea to create a contemporary solution to hiring issues. He wanted to make the hiring process more efficient, reduce the hiring time, and boost applicants’ engagement rate.
We worked on 4 native apps - 2 for Android and 2 for iOS (Seeker and HR) - with video profiles and video job previews. It assists applicants and recruiters in sparing time and finding better candidates sooner and job seeker in seeing more about the job opportunities they are offered to avoid the ones that do not comply with their expectations.

Applicants can share and maintain their job applications.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Competitive Advantage

Personalized unique video profiles stand out from the ordinary process of hiring.

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Customer Base Increase

Profiles and Job Listings sharing options facilitate spreading information about the app by the users themselves.

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Customer Retention

Push notifications, email marketing allow engaging the existing users.

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Improvement & Automation

No more daunting candidate searches and lists reading - Video-based seekers' CVs, Bookmarks and Connections features make the work faster and accelerate the processes.

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Online Presence

The customer has an online business with 4 applications.

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Other modules

  • Push notifications
  • Video profile page
  • Search (location, skills, distance, keywords filters)

Core Technologies Used

Backend: Laravel, Node.js, PostgreSQL,
GraphQL, Heroku

IOS: RxSwift

Android: RxKotlin

Third-Party Integrations

MailChimp, Firebase
The innovation platform for the hiring process was stabilized and evolved by Attract Group team. It brings innovation to a very old and cumbersome process of hiring, full of endless phone calls to candidates. It also helps candidates to understand if this is the place where they want to work and grow. The initial goal was to create a stable set of important features that would reflect the idea of the startup and can be used as a starting point for HeadHunter startup. It was also presented to multiple investors and in the process of active marketing right now.
5-6 months of development
The total cost of a similar project from scratch is 25k-50k.

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Nataliia Rud

Nataliia Rud
Business Development manager

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Vladimir Terekhov

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Ivan Mashey

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