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Over time the company has grown and started requiring additional features the previous CRM system could not provide. The goal of the 3rd version of the corporate CRM system was to meet all the current business needs and to consider every employer’s requests such as automation of report making, convenient time tracking, transparent system of incentives, optimization of project management to save time and increase the efficiency of daily operations. Our expertise in the isp billing software and a crm system for logistics etc. has helped us create the best product to fit our needs.
The third version of the corporate customer relationship management system and enterprise resource planning has incorporated the most essential operational processes.

The CRM automates report building, vacations booking, working resource allocation, statistics tracking. Moreover, annual automated idle hours reports allow the company to increase the efficiency and workload distribution. The system also comprises a motivation module for the employees, which facilitates the work of the HR manager.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Cost Saving

Effective reporting & management tools allow for decreasing idleness period of the developers and allocate workload proportionally to increase productivity and decrease the expenses.

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Improvement & Automation

No more manual hour calculations and confusion in the tasks. The whole project running procedure is neatly structured and flexible.

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Management Unification

No more numerous threads in messengers, The tasks are efficiently assigned to the relevant participants and all the people have access to the data necessary for making managerial decisions.

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Other modules

  • Personal accounts
  • Staff reserve
  • Slack and E-mail notification/Chatbot
  • Company’s news
  • Calendar with days off and holidays
  • User Role Management
  • Vacation module
  • Idle hours reports

Core Technologies Used

PHP (Laravel), Websockets, Angular 4, webpack, MySQL
The adoption of the third version of the CRM eliminated a bunch of manual work like hours calculation and distribution. Moreover, the interface allows prioritizing, tracking, and transferring the tasks, which allows seeing the progress and bottlenecks easily.

Clients also enjoy having access to the project development data, roadmap, and statistics, which builds trust.

The bench time reporting system has allowed the company to increase the workload distribution efficiency by reducing the idleness of the developers by 75%.
9 months of development.
Total cost of a similar project from scratch is $100k-500k

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Nataliia Rud

Nataliia Rud
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Vladimir Terekhov

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Ivan Mashey

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