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Nightlife and festival events have always been quite popular with the youth. Since the younger generation spends the most time online, our clients realized that it is quite promising to create an app to help them find the events they are interested in, book tables, and pay the bills in one place while having a chance to finally split the bill without using cash.
We've provided the best realization of the full cycle of sales. The ticket and table service, new features of bottle service sales, and multifunctional admin panel were developed by our team.

Moreover, the solution includes an admin app for pass control managers to automate the checking process.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Business Growth

The scalable nature of the app allows adding new features easily, which helps the business grow in an agile way according the demand.

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Cost Saving

Buying tickets and tables directly on users' phones - no printing required!

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Customer Base Increase

Such features as inviting friends and sharing tickets allow this app to be promoted and spread faster. Because young people appreciate flexibility and convenience.

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Customer Retention

No more waiting in lines to buy a ticket or waiting for a waiter to pay your bill. The applications were created to make the user experience want to use it again and again. This creates loyalty.

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Improvement & Automation

Selling tickets to night clubs for the target audience using all functionality of the admin panel. Ticket validation is also performed with the help of an app. Sharing tickets is a useful improvement.

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Online Presence

The whole business idea is mobile-based. It wouldn't be possible without mobile apps.

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Revenue Increase

Features like splitting the bill make purchases aтв bottle services easier and less stressful. So, people tend to order more, which leads to the revenue increase.

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Other modules

  • Event discovery
  • Bottle services
  • Admin panel

Core Technologies Used

Web: PHP, Laravel, Angular, JS, AWS

iOS: Swift

Third-Party Integrations

Braintree, Apple Pay
The client got the MVP in July and got the first results of 300+ tickets sold for a total of $40k for only first event. New features are still being implemented.
6 Months of development

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    Nataliia Rud

    Natalie Rud
    Senior Business Development Manager
    Vladimir Terekhov

    Vlad Terekhov
    Ivan Mashey

    Ivan Mashey

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