A startup owner and a tour guide from Moscow who is madly in love with Georgia
After the success of another tourist project the client created with us before, he noticed that besides great authentic tours in Georgia, people are also in need of transfers, especially for the routes they create themselves.  So, he decided to bring together drivers, guides, and entertainment owners (wineries, dairies, studios, and active tourists) to provide comprehensive services to website customers and arrange tours to places that are not marked on the map.  
There was created a multilingual web portal where tourists can create their own routes and select appropriate transport and a driver, choose various attractions as well as leisure activities.

Tourists can also easily calculate the transfer cost with the help of the website calculator.

The site also contains a partner module that allows promoting it on the web.

Business Tasks We Have Solved

Competitive Advantage

Widgets and links implemented at the site provide extra income for partners who advertise it.

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Customer Base Increase

The target audience is enlarged due to the possibility of creating personal tours.

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Improvement & Automation

Attracting more guides, drivers and entertainment owners has become easier with business digitalization.

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Online Presence

This business was made possible due to the website.

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Revenue Increase

Guides, drivers and entertainment owners along with the partners got another source of income. Our customer is able to make money by charging fees from the guides.

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Other modules

  • Admin panel
  • Account for partners
  • Flexible settings of cost calculation
  • Multi-language interface
  • Reports and statistic

Core Technologies Used

Databases: MySQL
Backend: PHP (Laravel)
Frontend: Gulp.js, jQuery, ES6

Third-Party Integrations

Square, Mapbox
The site has been released. At the moment, the client is increasing the audience and is working on promoting the website.
5 Months of development
The total cost of a similar project from scratch is $10-50k

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Nataliia Rud

Nataliia Rud
Business Development manager

Vladimir Terekhov

Vladimir Terekhov

Ivan Mashey

Ivan Mashey

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